The Irony: Me, My Party Boyfriend And The Bar #watchthisspace #whostheattentionwhorenow

I’m laughing. I’m surrounded by leos – the masters of drama and theatre, and yet once upon a time – or maybe even now – I was the real attention whore. not for people… but for the reaction effect. not for my ego, but for entertainment of those around me. Not to receive attention, but … Continue reading The Irony: Me, My Party Boyfriend And The Bar #watchthisspace #whostheattentionwhorenow

Collateral Damage And The Aries Male #icanteven #notmytype #nopenopenope

Aries. Males. God damn. F*ck. Excuse my French. But holy crap I realized there’s a reason I never went out with one. Friends? Always fun but something to manage. I just realized that I am most appreciated and understood by my good fire sign friends. And I don’t think it’s coincidence that the best are … Continue reading Collateral Damage And The Aries Male #icanteven #notmytype #nopenopenope

Adults Give Us Anxiety #mentalhealthawareness #stopaskingmequestions

I have found curious patterns in behaviour, these articles kind of already shine light: Do Older Generations Respect Our Issues? Sleeping With The Enemy #bunchofflaminggalahs #babyboomers But I found something even more interesting – direct impacts from ‘adults’ on our own psychology – Such as too many questions, pressure, anticipation and worry from the above. … Continue reading Adults Give Us Anxiety #mentalhealthawareness #stopaskingmequestions

No One Is Sleeping #insomnia #hyper #rest #anxiety

Insomnia … inability to sleep properly Hyperness… ADHD Burned out... workaholism Sensitive to light … eyes get tired It is hilarious. Much like Europe circa colonization times, we have loads of grief with modern illnesses. It’s a reality, something we accept, cope with but in my opinion, struggle to be present with life and enjoy … Continue reading No One Is Sleeping #insomnia #hyper #rest #anxiety

Dreamers Have Tons Of Purpose In Reality #whatyoumakeofit

The other day it kicked into me how much feedback I got from being ‘airy fairy’ and in ‘lala land’ when I was younger for being a naturally creative soul. Those type of labels felt negative and stupid, somewhat incompetent. Useless. Even though I was a natural investigator, bookworm, socialite and very observant. Growing up … Continue reading Dreamers Have Tons Of Purpose In Reality #whatyoumakeofit