Moving into the New House

So i just moved into the familys new house which was made from scratch, and decided to enjoy it for a couple of days. No applying for jobs, no working on thesis,… which is nice and non coincidental because the wifi is not available until evenings. Can I survive until then…. well. The house has blown my mind away. As mum accurately put it, its like living in a holiday rental.

\All these buttons. Clean and clear space. Three floors. Amazing kitchen (all the gadgets plus you actually knock on the dishwasher door to open it) nice lighting, a fireplace, huge bathrooms… and yet you feel cosy. So yes its a good thing I’ve told friends the news and consequently, they made me land to earth like ‘oh wow new house! New family house! Big thing!’ and I thought hell yes it is, and told the ‘grand scheme’ of life to shut it because I want to enjoy the new swiss family house which is quite a privilege to have. Even mum said ‘how many houses are you going to build in your life.’ Ie. yep this is a big deal.

so the point of this blog is……. wealth. oh baby, I sensed it. To begin with I am fully supported by my stepdad to study at a swiss university. That alone is quite a big deal for most families. But with my background it came as a necessity. The dang country ain’t easy to live in. Permanently. So. wealth. What the heck is it.

When you’re surrounded by corruption and abuses of meaning and humanity etc etc , you go back to the ye olde values and ask yourself what the hell am i doing this for. I studied the amazing panorama from our second floor balcony (no, there’s no third, thats the basement) and realized wealth is the ability to afford things. Economically yes thats like, duh Anna. But actually think about it on a very, very important level: psychology.
photo: hello from my spotless mansion. getting spoiled by technology. Pushing buttons to get things done. Oh, how horrible. Space to move around: the place is like a castle after living in a flat. A guest bathroom where stepdad actually put in a towel for me and the cabinet lights up like a freaking first class airplane bathroom. Which mum stocked up with hair oil, deodorant, toothpaste, … “are you a hotel now?” I asked, more than impressed. And so. Many. Green. Towels. Loving it! And the house sits on a hill – and the hill is in the middle of the village under a famous town. Hello, lifestyle change. Only thing needed is a corgi. The poor thing is gonna be one fit dog with all the slopes to run across.

But getting back to my point when you live in such a space, you really have to adjust to the way the place is set out. And adjust to house rules. Keys – doors – balcony doors – remote control of the blinds (yowza) – wardrobe… kitchen functions… and have I mentioned that the family is still settling in? The garden hasn’t actually been completed yet. I have always moaned about innovation and progress and machinery but at this point I’m figuring out what it actually means to us as the human being; less labour, more “thinking”. Also… kind of scared of what my reaction will be stepping outside the border (quelle horreur!) because as of living in this house I will be too spoiled for bad economies. I joke. I’m just going to be scrunching my face like a horrified toddler at a gross swimming pool. But do not be distracted by the fancy stuff.

This whole house will be enjoyed by the very people that nearly went totally insane trying to architect it. No room for creativity in this country. At least not if you are a hippy. Wrong place, keep driving. photo: (lol, do we have any non fancy glasses that I could drink water from….) Wealth comes in part from discipline.

I don’t know ANY person that got rich by just winging it; they get into opportunities by intuition, sure, but no one gets rich by not caring and just playing around. And all these buttons, adjustments to a household, rules of what is for what,… sets your mind to a different way of thinking. You. Control. Yourself. All those thoughts aside, I was too excited for a full hour to eat, just observing the whole place. This is what a lot of hard work looks like and it looks really good.

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