No WIFI for two days

What I learned after a day of not having wifi:

Your head is clear

There is time. All of a sudden its like there are three new hours to the day.

You start wondering about the whole fuss of big data .

The silence is like a mental detox

you take control of your life. And so many people are asking for just that.
It is a mental cleanse. Of course if you live for correspondence with your friends, you may not survive. But in this case the ICT company wasn’t impressing anyone with its service so wifi was mostly in the evening. A mobile hotspot. And I was … testing things.

End note: when you are not connected to the global internet, you are actually enjoying your surroundings for what they are. Now that, is bliss. Modern day 21st century bliss.
stuff that the rich pay lots for and the poor can only wish for.

Your life isn’t about answering digital notifications every hour.

if there is a mistake on the internet or its going a bit slow, you laugh at your impatience. And you don’t panic at any malfunctions. Its the digital age; shit happens. The sun will rise tomorrow.

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