Changes, cousins and Instagram

Happy New Year! 🙂

That’s what everyone writes, and I made notice especially of the time I liked a cousins new year picture (super Slavic with 6 meals on the table, a happy pose including hers) and thats the modern day version of ‘oh, x person is online, maybe I’ll catch her while she’s here’ because the communication has become ridiculous.

You no longer question why people use 4 apps in a row (in one minute), you just go with it. And yet there is so much noise and uncertainty that we have to tag each other and catch each other online wherever there is sign of life.

so in her picture I found a user with the name of my youngest cousin, commenting on her picture. She is 10. The first cousin I mentioned is 21. And I checked her account, yep its her. With all her copied and childish posts. And then I got a strange sensation.

Cousins. Online. Wow.

First thought, am I missing out? Second thought, nah I’m actually happy to not talk to the youngest. Third thought, I really hope I’m not missing anything because one of my dreams is to reunite with them and do something fun. If I’m out of the loop, then I’m out.
The context here is that… I grew up without extended family around me. Mostly just friends and my parents. My uncle and grandma visited every few years. So to witness this was a small shock to the system. Times have changed.

Then I marvelled, how did Tolkien get through movements and 2 wars and here I can barely wrap my head around the fact that the younger side of my family is now online and talking? And I mean… forget about the hurricane of emotions you feel when you break up. It is something similar for me when it comes to family –
Omg, these guys are talking. Omg, someone grew up. Omg, you backstabbing biatch why did you have to do that and then omg the country is modernizing.

Best part of all not many people are aware of all the functions of each social media platform. My IT genius ex flatmate was surprised about the Chat function of Instagram. I was too but I’m not judgmental, I’m an explorer. I go Ooooo and wooohooo !

To judge these things in the modern times, in my opinion, gives you disadvantage. Why? Because then you are judging all these people that are getting entertainment and connection and search purposes from the platforms. In the end we all want the same thing: to judge can be a negative experience.

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