Coogee, Backpacker parties& human beings

I finally got around to reading the news about how 10,000 backpackers (expected) trashed an iconic beach on the east coast of Australia after a huge Christmas party. The photos were quite disturbing on a rubbish scale. No Australian in their right mind would trash a beach like that. Especially not on Christmas. And that offset my parents argument: we would never let a backpacker into our house etc, I even tested mums bias – “yes, but you would let someone in if he was French and had blue eyes and could make brioche “ mum – “no! If he knew how to make brioche he would not be backpacking!” … there’s the answer.
So I was trying to put 2 and 2 together for a full five minutes, trying to figure out what was actually happening. Statistics stated these guys were expected to spend and come to the party, reports of booze in trolleys (already, thats not a good sign and I’ve been to parties) and many bnb’s booked. Its the symptom of a country milking anything for profit. How can you possibly respect that.
My argument was, there should have been clear rules and if such numbers were expected, then trouble would be anticipated because this isn’t an average festival situation. This is a casual Christmas day party that’s generally known to produce big backpacker parties, the staggering numbers is what caused all the fuss. In my opinion. But parents blamed it all on the backpackers: I however see it from a younger point of view.
Then I decided to look up “human beings” because nothing about this news smelled right to me. Common sense left, ability to think has a social stigma, you lose yourself in the crowd; why are we partying on Christmas day when you should be at home doing family things? There are infinite definitions for this human being business. One of them comes from a philosopher; our ability to be political, made me laugh.
Conscious beings. Social beings, self aware, body limited and earth bound, rational and can use complex tools.
Ultimately we go by cultural expectations and ideas of what should be done.
The aftermath… was something like police working with the council (how very English, working with “the above authorities” to get things done) and some residents grumbling about the mess and noise of the party.

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