How to Thesis

Dear. God. Argh ..!

You are not going to like this but basically: there is no short cut.

Unless you’re happy actually taking framework of your professors study and its something quite technical (meaning you don’t have to research a lot, come up with new stuff, define things or invent some methodology)
on the plus side, you… are… going to know…..your sh$$

on the survival side: take heaps of breaks. Prepare meals at night, box them to eat for lunch etc. Do basically all chores at night before bed, ie shower, drink , laundry, lists etc. Thats what planning for two hard exams in one day taught me: get logistics done beforehand. Take walks in the park, call someone, have coffee and tea. Try eat something big in the morning.

oh here’s a photo i made as the sun was going down. I love those sunset hues. Well, more sunrise but we don’t speak to each other as much these days so I have to settle for sunset colours instead.

numbers wise, keep a count on words , follow structure, set some weekly goals (those seriously helped me) and have it right in front of you. Gives some aim, purpose and pressure. Some sadistic people myself included, work well with that when its about hard work that you would prefer scrolling through instagram for.

And the biggest trick of all : work hard, party hard. I don’t mean that you get wasted every night. I mean that you go out moderately. Get a bit tipsy – since you’re a zombie anyway this is a mild form of yay! Obliterate the stress! I’m on the dancefloor, papers do not exist.
I am 100% sure I partied more when I worked hard than when I actually celebrated finishing something. But that’s also because I was moving. So those are my points for getting through.

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