Hair, Conditioning& the Mountains

So I just got told that my nice 25 minute showers (once a day) now have to be compressed into 5 minutes. After being for the 1000th time a little upset (nothing to do with me, more the communication in my extended family line) I decided that if 5 minutes is all I get, then why not challenge myself to do 2 minutes. Because this is a super quick shower, not “indulgence” as mum calls it (and she had a bath the other night… no comment). Another great motivator to save up and get my own place.
In the mean time, I started a nice search into how to dry and wash hair super fast. Because apparently time and water is now more scarce. I already have my routine to produce pretty, hydrated long hair in a place where the air is drier than in Australia AND having to wash it every second day:

olive oil on ends at least 15 minutes before showering – my absolute minimum time, although when exhausted at university I occasionally go without it)
then occasional conditioning from mid lengths to the ends in the shower (because with more hydration, drying time slows, I found)
rub scalp until half damp with towel
divide hair into 2 sections and blowdry –
brush ends for straighter structure and cut drying time

and having written that my god….. I am a scientist and quite efficient ! But now the new routine will be:

oil olive on ends, 15 mins
dampen hair (perhaps use bottle spray) and scrub the shampoo in AT THE SINK
rinse everything IN the shower
quickly push conditioner from mid length, clip the hair up
scrub body
rinse hair
micro fiber towel dry everything
get second towel to dry hair twice
use wet brush
divide hair in 3 and blowdry sections

….. and maybe get dry shampoo. Maybe. I am a fan of it in Australia, but here hair truly gets super greasy super fast. And a microfiber towel.

And that is what I will be doing with the extra google search. I’m sincerely hoping the wet brush will change my life.

OK this just in. Besides the pillows, satin and silk whatevers… someone recommended Plopping for drying curly hair – basically tying a shirt over the head and leaving it for 10 minutes. Perhaps I’ll do that when microfiber towels get annoying.
second discovery… there’s a brush that got mixed reviews but 70% positive, called the Goody Quickstyle paddle brush: magical because it has microfiber bristles attached. If my wet brush doesn’t do the job, I’ll trial this one out. They say it detangles and dries from water: speeding up the drying process.
Now, back in my university place, I use mouse and it structures the hair plus speeds drying too. Fantastic stuff.

So there you go, the pleasures of being a modern girl from conditioning, washing to styling; wash, putting on a microfiber towel, detangle hair, divide hair in parts, blowdry likewise and use mousse. Oh hail the mane.
The funny part is that I already did everything I could do speed things up prior to the search … the 2 new items just help speed the process

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