Gary Vee Podcasts, Entrepreneurialism and Schools

Suddenly I came across a podcast from Gary whats his face Belorussian American guy on my Instagram and watched his very relevant words come out in subtitles below another interview recording. School does not cater to the entrepreneurial market. There’s something to that statement that hooked me. And from then on he spoke of that punch in the mouth about the market responding to your product and how kids who have connections do not know how to deal with that punch. And I thought to myself, I don’t remember many points in time at school when I actually wanted to be there or learn or anything. I was wasting time, actually. I had my favourite subjects; my favourite friends who came and went. And that was it. Teachers, uniform, the heat, yuck. Guys. Or guys trying and failing to be guys, but as school girls you giggle anyway. And then being pushed into another school system; university. I loved university, I mean it was hell sometimes of course but I was finally growing into autonomy. I do the work as I have to, but class room? Obligations? Only if the teacher was marking something. How refreshing. No such thing as conformity or teases or being told what to do (which I still suck at). Actually … I’m the one doing the teasing now. Mwahaha.

I was always doing my own thing… and I’m not exactly saying I’m entrepreneurial material. Some days I accept that label, other days I go “nah…I’m not creating anything, pass the bucket.” But I am a huge risk taker, initiator, creator, inspirer, leader, coordinator, sometimes negotiator (depends on background, competition mood and care scale) and I see things; I sense things. And that is how you get successful; emotional Quota and intuition. If you read it and react as you should, you get rewarded in the long term. For example reading between body action and words, vibes, reading facts in the news and people’s reaction to news.
But I agree, school is about learning a concept, applying it in exercise and earning 10 out of 10 because you remembered what you were supposed to. In business? You read and react as best to survive. Kind of like travelling and dealing with the world. Yes connections are great but only if you can identify a purpose, a relevance and work your network. This stuff takes time and skill and you don’t learn it off a board. Although my god I love boards; in the creative sense. Drawing stuff, visualizing goals, putting up diagrams. Colours. Then there’s either freaking my friends out or inspiring some, or both. I also managed to successfully confuse my family because I can cook stuff. Photography, journalism, cooking, it became a hobby. Maybe also makeup because I realized the power of expression in artistry. I have a long blond wig and snowy fake eyelashes in the future. 😀 and I own a purple lipstick. Wahoo!

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