You can run, you can hide but you can’t escape life

I have some news
Life never stays put. Teeth move. Accidents happen. Hurricanes come in and sweep all your belongings away. Strangers will come into your life; some words will make you laugh and make you cry. Sometimes you will have to dive into what looks like chaos, but with a bit of faith you’ll be able to make life amazing with that chaos. And by chaos I mean pure uncertainty.

Some of us are risk averse, some of us are risk takers. I am the latter.

Something that got me, was pictures I sent to a family friend of my last party boyfriend. Our good times and our crazy times. From just enjoying each other’s company to developing something more. And this is where the “life never stays put” comes in. Hook up to parties, picnics, swims in the summer – then aperos in the winter.
And suddenly a little farewell is obvious when he says “keep in touch ok?”. (a phone call and couple of chats 1 or 2 weeks later can constitute the keeping in touch).
It’s true, when you don’t risk anything, you risk life itself.

And it can come from something as innocent as just being around fun people. That’s what I did. And things developed. And I realized, it’s the natural way of things. If it doesn’t, something is wrong. On either side. Maybe you’re not prepared for things to evolve… or taking evolving things seriously. That was my issue too.
For instance – How can a guy I’m hanging with, who attempted to hook up a couple of times, wade into date material territory out of nowhere? It is confusing, panic initiating and you hope to god they wise up before they go destroy anything. And yet some maturity will always pleasantly surprise you. It happened to me on all three occasions. Sometimes it’s a simple “hi”, other times a guy trying to hang out with you again – and other times, pure respect.

So life never stays put. And you need to trust that fact, and go with the evolvement no matter what. Life may be messy and difficult but the journey and insights you get, are priceless. And that’s why you should dive in with faith things will work out. We are not made to stress and over think, but to create things with pure intentions.

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