Bullies, Ideology and My wall

So I am super infamous for my wall visuals. It started with being desperate to pass accounting, then followed me to the master thesis period of time. I started printing visuals. And I would say its great timing because I started figuring out my life. What does that have to do with bullying… well, firstly my visual wall (could be inspirations, could be something i like or grateful for, anything empowering) got many reactions. Some even treat it like a museum. Because my walls are interesting &awesome. But then people come in with their huge dominating opinions and sometimes it even came as surprising. The whole point of the wall for example, was to be real, discover where passion lies and bottom line, achieve things. And whats real and cool for me may not be for example, for my mum. And she loves to comment and poke fingers and move things.

The beauty of the wall is that it only answers to me. She has no power over it, i have stated that 4 times and she still makes comments and shifts things around. There are 7 plus rooms in the house, I can surely have some power over 1 freaking wall. Last time it happened I physically moved her out of the room and she had very red cheeks from embarassment. Thing is there is little entertainment in the village so i understand the appeal of my project to my stepdad and mum.

And so it goes… your inner and outer circles will have bullies occasionally because they have no life, no sense of boundaries and other elements which make them public enemy.
And speaking of public, i read a horrifying story about a girl that got bullied and gangraped in australia. Huge victim card, embarassment issue and a mother that lost her daughter to suicide. In such a case I felt fire in my veins; i would go directly to the bullies and get justice.
Times like that, when law doesnt actually help. Its called socially accepted norms and friends this girl could count on. Homeschooling someone is also not necessarily a solution. The prime question is, who brought up the bullies? Why not go to the source of the problem? Shame the crap out of the bullies themselves?
Too many questions, too much grey area to address. But I know what I would have done because just reading the story gave me 60 shades of horror.

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