Master Certificate and Fury

Just got all my certificates in the mail after “graduating” as of getting a mark for defending my thesis; just yesterday.
Boy that was a long day. 5am to 1am. Full of news.

And then I get this carbon paper telling me I came out with a high grade in Cum Laude, plus all these certificates. I looked at the courses, the marks and the reasons, the stories – what satisfied me, what terrified me (from the past, now I wouldn’t blink at the experience) and realized just how superficial the certificate is. It is the “end” result and I must say, it is highly unsatisfying because the journey is what taught me so much. Brought me a huge network of people, friends, professors, insights, industries, – the intangibles. I’m sure trying to measure this stuff must infuriate managers.

Further more I told mum “what a horrible system – cum laude is 7.01 to 7.99, and the rest get real numbers, no decimal crap.” I got a 9 for everything in the end, within the program. And they give me a high 7. I said “no I accept a 9 and reject a 7 because it’s not accounting for the amount of assholes I had to deal with, the amount of pressures, the amount of travelling – the amount of money spent. I only accept a 9 because a good portion of this WHOLE time (meaning, a second year) was spent in the master lab. That life doesn’t even account for numbers. But I would accept a 9.”

Meanwhile I have craving for pizza and only pizza. No munchies, nothing dry or milky or salty. I want pure ass carbs. And they have the audacity for inducing anxiety, a bizarre work ethic (top of the charts), stress, consistently large workloads and give you an average mark.

Uni, am I not good enough for you?

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