Social Media and Messaging

I finally figured out why people hide behind phones and this voice clip agenda. No, it’s not because it’s convenient. No, it’s not because it’s fun or you’re “busy”. It comes down to reluctance to deal with people.

I noticed it on myself when mum was exploding about flat and my master thesis issues (back then) and I remember preferring her to send voice clips rather than be in the way of explosive temperament and nonsense. It was drama for nothing. Plus, it gave her time to cool down and I was not the target of panic.
It really is more an issue of not wanting to deal with human reactions, and not being a person enough to handle actual human conversation with all of its joys and spectrum of emotions.

I could say this is degradation of humanity and behaviour etc but the fact is, we allow ourselves dependency on technology and to let it get rid of some of the most painful yet coolest parts of the human experience – through crisis and heaven like celebrations, we get so damn virtual we forget how to respond to life. It’s not a facebook, instagram or twitter “like” its closer to an artists’ painting of a Spanish flamenco dancer, in all its colourful glory.

Try reproduce that, artificial intelligence. Because you’re artificial.

How long can you survive on vitamin pills? For a while perhaps, but then you become as dusty as a discarded library book.

And in the end, you start asking anyone how they feel on x topic and it goes beyond the platform of sharing, caring, liking and following and commenting – they give you an essay on what’s up with the world and their perspective on it. How is it no one wants to deal with those riches of knowledge?
I can tell you why. Because the minute you accept that the machine will lead you, it’s gonna do just that. You will forget everything that makes you who you were meant to be as a person and the machine will continue distracting you with connections, lights and colours and efficiency.

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