Are You Afraid of Weddings?

I just made a decision for myself. I feel great. I don’t fear anything.
But as I started thinking of how people will react, the eastern and western cultures took on different responses… in my mind.

The west is scared of big diamonds, commitments, a household, anything that looks too neat. Too grand.
The east… expects commitments, community and a big family (depending) and I noticed overall its the east that likes big weddings, parties, and not afraid to express love through such commitments. In my humble opinion, its also the east that actually knows how to party properly.
Slavic communities, Russian, greek, Iranian, latino, Australian (although that one is a real mix), Italian and Spanish – so far as I know – adore the idea of people partnering for love. And it’s not just that… through my studies and travels, I noticed successful couples know it is about support (which is the same as the kind I give to any friend and any relative) and about sharing life together. In the east, this is fine when you’re young; in fact I swear those that are married early, seem content. It is seen as a joyful thing. And I can just imagine. There is stability, harmony, support – they don’t need to go through heartbreaks and stress. They kind of have each other.

There is an extreme side to things. I was asked, ‘what if they had to support one another without a limb? Disabled? A vegetable?’ that’s what the church preaches. To completely accept one another. And yes this would perhaps be the eastern type of education because the west wouldn’t go so deep so fast. That’s our specialty. But it raises a wonderful point.
Heavily sedated on romance blasting from media and every advertising corner, how can we not ignore that point? Death and sickness isn’t staring at us every day. So why should we think of our crush half complete and still think we will love, care and support them no matter what?
Marriages are used as messages, weapons and somehow still the bane of society’s existence.

Further more, with huge divorce rates everywhere – people wonder what is real, what can be invested? What is the truth, and who is that person, really? I have the belief that everyone wants the same thing – more or less – and for those not looking for a marriage, either it’s an issue that needs figuring out or it’s because people know the consequences of a marriage going funky. The west decided to postpone it – I see barely anyone getting married until 30 because my god that asks for a lot.
And yet the people I see that are the happiest, do not give into any of the bulldust floating about. They go get together, build a life, support each other’s passions, understand and respect each other.

The bottom line of this post is in actual fact about me and my privileges; to not be afraid of commitment like I am means I have seen something special. And hopeful.

Because people think, oh my god get married? That must be horrible! So much money, investment, what if they cheat, what if it doesn’t work out, what if, when, do we have to, bla blah. I used to be like that too. Kind of. I thought it was rubbish.
What marriage really is, is just a concrete example of people getting together because life would be worse if they were separated. They make it obvious; rings, maybe an outfit for the day. A photo of the occasion. The law is kind of on their side.
Trust me I’m in that bracket of the most fearful yet intelligent generation on this earth. And I know exactly what I want while I live on it.

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