A Word on Sexually Undisciplined Males

No tips here just a word on something that may be an unpopular opinion.

You know, even without being religious or having spent so much time in literature… I noticed something strange. There’s a huge pull towards sex right. The guy is supposed to get it on with the girl no matter what the cost – and the girl is meant to have kids; our bodies are made for it, we feel satisfied with kids, it’s a part of our nature.
But this is animalistic stuff!

I haven’t found a lot of people who sleep around, actually know what they’re doing in life. Most of the time they either have issues, low self esteem, or as a guy – just sexually undisciplined.

And there raises another interesting point – the moment you commit to someone, doesn’t mean you are now a different person. Maybe you have a title, but your behaviours and habits don’t change. If you screwed around before, wifey will have a hard time keeping up with you. And life isn’t about having all that sex. Marriage isn’t an easy way of companionship.

My first point was the observation (among my friends) that by sleeping around or just getting it on a lot, you mess up your life. Some authors argued that sex clouds a lot of things (judgments, decisions, discoveries), and the prime purpose of a relationship is moving in time together; discovering each other, sharing things, helping out, basically all the essentials of life partnerships.

And sex won’t help you get there. It’s love in sex that is supposed to provide you with things, not the animal urges themselves. I mean…. I know some people out there really are just animals.

And the reason being that I keep outsmarting all the players – seems to be my specialty in my late twenties now – is the fact that I have purpose. And this seems to make me question everyones motives and never take guys seriously.

Which comes to the next point; sexually undisciplined males will not be genuine towards a girl, ever.
They will use everything sacred to humanity – love, warmth, beautiful words, meaningful action – to their advantage to get a girl into their bed.
And then… by the time you’re through all their manipulation, you stage “awww” in response to something like “an angel dropped from heaven” — I’m 97% sure its corny because the line has been delivered so much with fake intention, people cast it aside. That particular phrase came to me from a Latino when I was graduating and showed a picture of my girlfriends.
He was expecting a blush at least. I told him, you speak to educated, sophisticated girls who appreciate the sentiment but also question a guy’s motives because they’re experienced with guys.

This… made me wonder. Because I told him what I normally do in such situations and he replies “wow”.

That just tells you how rotten our society became. A guy who is sexually undisciplined is in fact the sex addict. Addict because he can trash a good relationship because of his lust. This ain’t supposed to be normal. This isn’t even a female speaking; I’m reporting men who blog, write books and youtube videos on the subject.

The sex addict will manipulate and tear things up in his search for a good screw. That is not a man. That is not a man of the divinity. We are indefinitely, looking for love, warmth and meaning in our lives. Just writing that gave me a burst of white light.

Although it could have been the rare north swiss sunshine.

Point is, not only are these sex addicts clouded in their judgment and ways – they are also cloudING our world because they manipulate, make you doubt their actions, watch your back, make words meaningless in their endeavours, upset you, create rumours (if they are that dumb and petty with no life) – that ain’t how we supposed to live guys!

So there’s the story, the observation, and an unpopular opinion on the subject.

To cap it off, I remember soooo well how a friend and I smoked up a storm one night as teenagers. I said “looks like with the rite of passage of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll I’m only missing the sex.”
My friend looks at me with well hearsed, brooding eyes
“you’re not missing anything there, trust me.”

In case you’re a super smart or super inquisitive reader,
check this out >> http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23492536-the-wait

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