It Ain’t My Fault

This song is the shiz. No joke. Between the lyrics and the beat, which is very deep and suspenseful, its full of indignant notes of people abusing their responsibilities. Like, big time. Of course zara sings of being turned on by a guy that cant handle jack (been there done that) but the general theme can in fact relate to ANYTHING because people have lost sense of their moral duty.

And frankly letting out frustration and injustices with that song is just great.

No, I cant be responsible if I get you in trouble now. OMG, what is this. Why’s your head in my business-

Lord I hope Zara keeps going with that character and saves those poor teenagers that I think, are one of the most lost generations right now. They are bored. Squeezed. Crippled. Swimming between gadgets trying to figure life out and no one will take them seriously.

Back to the main point.. the song helped me realize the dumbass people out there trying to push you into their world of problems. The minute you stand your ground you win and they lose. So keep telling yourself, it aint my fault. And head on living your life. Because it is awesome and full of sweet tender people that want to support your life of purpose. Yep, I said it. Purpose.

It aint your fault if some jackass hits on you then goes mean if you reject him. It aint your fault if your relative cant forgive their first kid for following their mums propaganda &never visiting them. It aint your fault if another relative never leaves an abusive relationship& then marries and wants lots of kids but its too late.

It is your fault however if you ever regret not taking a great opportunity to do something.

If your purpose is to go after x and it makes you feel alive mofo do it. And learn off people around you. Plenty of examples of what not to do. It aint my fault if assholes spring on me.. it is my fault if I complain and do nothing about it.

Thank you zara, o sexy lady of the modern times. We need you!

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