Banks, Applications and Special Interests

I just started applying for internships at banks and noticed something curious.

Two things, to be specific.
First of all, in the application, one major bank asks for its applicants to create a motivation (cover) letter and invites you to click on the link “about UBS”. I find this hilarious
Second of all, most banks ask if you’re affiliated with government, worked with the bank or its partners before, or have a “conflict” of interests. If you think in reverse, what is the meaning of this?

Signs and questions come up when something silly, weird or unacceptable happens… and in this case I would assume that government agents apply, have their interests in a bank, or illegally cross over (under cover of course) industries where they shouldn’t. This is just the peak of my first thoughts. As I told Mum over soup, it’s funny how these institutions work.

Some people simply will not take no for an answer.
“wink/wink, nudge/nudge *slides 1 mil$ in cash* take me in” No, I’m not affiliated with a government body. No, I never worked for you or your partner. And No, if there’s any conflict of interest it will be probably why the tax is taking so much out of me. Shouldn’t that be YOUR concern?

The major downside of this is that I am sure there are tonnes of elite clubs where this happens across the world.
Top of my head, Panama papers report. Backhand deals in Russia and Ukraine (that have been made obvious to the east and snail-pace slowly to the west because Russia has a load of neighbours) between America and the middle east; between Asia and Australia. And American dollars (among others) being stored in Swiss safety vaults.

Principles and morals? Forget about them. And then when you apply for these jobs banks want to be 100% sure of what they’re dealing with. Down to whether I am transgender, an Indigenous and “what I could contribute” to the bank. All standard for giants with a heap of money.

You’re taking in a communication master student and expect her not to eye all these questions with an analytical brain… good luck. In these times, people are too smart for corporations and corporations don’t care because they’re too big to notice.

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