Hallelujah! Break-through Day

I believe I had a break through today. Soon to be almost a month after finishing my master, I did a situation analysis which a friend helped. It’s always great to get outside perspective.

Problem was, I just moved back to the family base in a quiet village after having a privileged small city lifestyle. Meaning; convenience, a party boyfriend, knowledge of lots of people around, lots for free and supported by my stepdad. An amazing night scene and lots of insight thanks to a swiss degree. Just to start with.

I then realized that I was taking THREE years of networking and learning for granted. And this was mostly getting off campus for event management jobs; relying on other foreigners for going out and fun; a flatmate knew a guy who worked in the same city, likewise an aupair girl had a whole year in the city before she started the same degree I did. All this added up. I had not known or experienced by my 2nd year, what I knew in my 1st.

Friends, places, discounts, you name it. Because soon I realized, I was supposed to do something with the time I’m given in a certain place. For anyone with so much privilege like me, and I admit that freely; I was losing perspective and needed a realistic plan.

My new plan is to expand my volunteering and meet up circles. Because I haven’t got much in the north, as opposed to like I did in the south. And lose the misery, because this country has a huge rate of foreigners coming in. Therefore huge rate of potential drink buddies. I’m going to socialize and volunteer where I can, since the job market is so ridiculously competitive. I can’t go back to my country of residence while I have the chance to do something with my position here, and I have a family and house here. That’s already more than a lot of people have anywhere else in the world!

Reality check 1, 2 and 3.

So the new goal for 2017 will be finding all the cool places to hang and find people to stay with in the case of volunteering projects. Need to feed the happiness.
And mild depression isn’t me, never was. I need to learn off my past mistakes. When life tosses you lemons, you make lemonade.
I also heavily prescribe to spirituality and law of attraction. You gotta find out where the pain is coming from, what makes you happy to be alive; how you can contribute to a life of meaning. Once you know exactly what that is – can take forever if you’re not careful – with the help of visuals, you get a vague picture in your mind of the perfect lifestyle and move towards it. Google stuff, email people, talk to friends and make some concrete actions.

For example what makes me feel better is implementing
Decision 1; join couch surfing event in Zurich.
Decision 2, use time and date to organize a meet up with like, another 5 people.
Decision 3, feel happiness because there’s something to look forward to and potentially help someone (Russian? Yeah, I know some Russian 😛 ).

What has utterly surprised me is how international this country is which is SUCH a contrast to the actual locals. If you’re ever in the mood for a roller coaster ride through cultures, come to this country. Or to Europe. Or Belgium !

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