What I Learned from Playboys

And they shall remain anonymous because generally speaking to play safe, they don’t wish to be labelled as such (and maybe society feels threatened by attractive, social, charming and giving people hence the label)

Do whatever the hell you want, at any time you want.
Seduce at will
Network like crazy
Party like theres no tomorrow
Dress up, smell great, cancel any plan that will drag on.
Chase that company dream
Lend a dogsitting hand at any time; its a chick magnet, ice breaker, you go out and feel happier
State what you want from the other person
Be very clear on boundaries
I repeat. Cancel any plan that will drag. Break hearts if necessary. Ruthlessness can be a good thing.
When you feel generous, give.
Be open minded and humble BUT content with your culture, express it.

A player is only a player when he is playing around people; take this in the positive light. People want to be charmed and feel special because they are emotional.
If something isn’t convenient, state it and cancel that something.
If you have something on your mind at 5 or 3 or 12pm, annoy that special someone.

Bottom line; if you do not ask, you shall not receive.
If you are not making people gossip, you aren’t living right.
And thirdly…. love people whatever happens.

As for what I learned from DATING playboys…. stay tuned.

**picture credit: car racing pro carlo sainz, google

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