Technology, Choice &Manhood

I was just staring at some eye candy on youtube, complete with Ukrainian manly vests and awesome deep singing. And I thought, sheez times were different. Guys would pick out a girl, promise something like security and a home and that was it. More or less. Nowadays thanks to choice and modernism, globalization and sex anywhere you please, guys forget to grow up, get balls and stay with any one….. Female. Thing. With experience and better understanding yah, of course they can have the chance to become men but the point is, without good guidance guys get distracted right off the rails with medias.

And the girls are waiting. Getting impatient.
We just get on with life, travels and jobs. And people wonder why a good majority of us won’t get married like our predecessors. There’s lots of trash out there, folks.
At the end of the day, I think both genders need strong idols to look up to. And the idols kind of vanished – forgot themselves – got bitter – then turned 60 and realized they’re lonely. Massive lol. Divorce takes time, money, emotions. Who’s going to educate kids on religion, basics of relationships and treatment? It’s basically up to us to stay informed and figure out the meaning of life. Yeah, deep stuff.

Choice and technology has confused us people. And that impacts on all the moves we make as people – because suddenly technology is supposed to be the means to an end to like, everything? Yeah, that’s where we kinda fail in my view.

Dating apps… convenience for just about anything. And if we don’t get what we want, lets face it. We get upset. Ho-lee crap. Especially if you’re a guy advancing towards a girl… and you want her, but she won’t give it up. I have known some frustrated, bitter guys in my past. And I have known some moderate ones. But it all just goes to show that some of us can handle life, illusions of technology and our being better than others.

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