Memoir of a Playgirl

Society can be vicious. Playing with identity and information can become essential to survival and in the end, the recipe for getting away with whatever you wish. Some people can live undercover, others cant. Some like quantity, some like attention. Some are total drama queens.

I was someone who put value into going under the radar and knew when to keep quiet. By the end of my master, only perhaps 2 people who were trusted knew that i was going out with a few guys.and OMG theres a particular kind of kick you can get for freaking out the badass playboys of the area.
Which is why I will say, saying f–k you to the world can be healthy and sexy.

You let go of everything (all doubts,hesitations, double talk – because you’re pissed off on a higher level) and go do exactly what you want.

This especially works if you are experienced enough to draw attention to what you’re doing.
The purpose of this post is to point out the amazing things you can do when you get fed up with peoples manipulation, bitterness, and just want to live. You observe what people do and then live your life – under cover. The ultimate condition here is to keep information to yourself and a trusted few. Because people can be petty, stupid, childish, bitter and vicious. And if you do exactly what you want to do under cover… you can discover so much about your surrounding and have peace of mind no one is gossiping about you.

In a way thinking back I believe the decision to going under the radar with my life – was at first a matter of survival, but also in the end a huge blessing
I want to spread that message. Not to be slutty. Not to be sinful under cover. But if you wana play the numbers game (ie. going out with heaps of people) and dont want people getting the wrong impression and labelling you (something the latin community sucks balls at because they’re so obvious) then learn the beauty of being under the radar.
For example while everyone is talking about a very charming guy you hung out with a few months (proclaiming he’s a player) no one has a clue about the others you’ve been hanging with because… they don’t have that information and you’re free of critique and gossip. See? Its a smart move. In my opinion.

Memoir of a playgirl is ultimately my 2 cents of how to live your life in peace.

Googling playgirl I get the magazine (eww), girls surrounded by guys and plenty of girls playing something. Hockey, poker, cheer leading.. which struck me as appropriate. Play insinuates game. You don’t show your cards and only play some. Do you play to win? Depends on what is the win. There is a player, and there is a game.

I never played to “win” a guy…. that sort of thing sounds boring. The actual game I’m playing is how much information I can play with and ultimately get away with.

The whole look of a girl playing anything is my kind of sexy. You identify what it is you’ve got, you understand the game and you have a mission. You’re focused. And you are playing to win in the sense of gaining something. Ah! An upper hand. And hopefully confuse your opponent while you’re at it. That’s probably the most fun part, finding out how much you can steer someone off the path. Meanwhile you know your opponent. That’s what gets me off. Stimulating debate, finding out how much you can get away with. Getting a high when you see your opponent acknowledges your move, perhaps impressed.

But never hurt anyone, that’s a huge rule. And most of all, take nothing seriously. Huge rule number 2. If you can understand these things your life will be exciting. And full of good karma. (funny, right? I put karma into this.)

The picture I have is the single picture that I wished to sum up my point. A woman who owns herself, plays to have fun and owns her sensuality. The cards? Just a symbol of the game. In her hand.
The pose? Her femininity which she can use, but also confidence in what she has. Notice how no men are in the picture. That’s because that stuff gets political. Just one, she ain’t slutty – too many, what’s going on. How is she bewitching everyone. Some girls have that factor and don’t need the supermodel look.
Let’s get one thing clear. I like guys and this shows when you just enjoy a charmers company (most can’t and get defensive).

But the ultimate card? Playing with less care than needed to put your heart on the table, but just enough to make sure you don’t make sudden movement and make your life a mess (ie. a proportionate amount of care and carelessness; I like my life neat).

You could say this is a post about a badass woman, a player girl. It kind of is. But “playgirl” gives me that sense of “oh, she’s owning the floor, doing it with a large amount of sex appeal and having fun – and freaking people out” it feels like gender justice because why the hell should guys get all the fun?

It’s about time we see all that we have and play with the goods. That’s the difference.

IMAGE COURTESY: google. one of the top most successful and attractive poker players 😉

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