If I were more Image Centric

I just saw this picture on instagram… and spoke to mum about bags, colours, types, fonts, (normally i leave the conversation asap but in this case, it was about getting me a bag) and something dawned on me.
If it wasn’t for my intelligence and character, I would probably have put a lot more consideration into my appearance, a lot more priority on my image and have some studly looking guy around me. Because thats how good looking people generally function; looks alone are a magnet for all kinds of things, with minimal effort. Everyone else depends on manners and smarts to get somewhere. I know this is a broad generalization but I can easily apply it on me and see how true it is.

I do like makeup and dressing up, perfume and feeling good about myself but I am a pragmatic person. I don’t go putting on heels when I have to take my bike somewhere, similarly I don’t go completely crazy when I have to wash my hair on a normal day and put on makeup when its just the step grandparents I’m visiting in the village.

The other day I found myself quite entertained by sitting next to some serious brains, instead of casually sitting next to pretty people and the quiet types. And I know why that is; I have a brain too and need some stimulation. After 5 minutes, I won’t be getting that from a guy who sits back and relaxes with enchanting blue eyes, or his friend with a pretty face who laughs at everything. I will be getting the stimulation from people who can talk serious topics, who have travelled and have passion about their subjects. And on average these people are not pretty in the conventional sense.

This is what bugs me a lot of the time. Some weirdos make the assumption that just because I am part of the pretty people crowd from outer appearances, that I draw them to me. I kind of need brains and passion to keep a certain crowd; and that attracts more brains. Pretty people are far more image centric and I do not work that way for I am not a superficial person. Smart people are driven by knowledge and applying it to life and then making fun of life (I LOVE this hobby).

Then again the irony of this is that pretty people know the effects of being image centric (people usually believe what they see) so even if they are smart, they keep to pretty people to show some air of awesomeness. Or at least I think so; maybe I need to do more research because so far I just know they flirt a lot and stand together looking pretty. I would rather make fun of being pretty.

But the fact stands, that looking good and groomed gives results. People look at you differently and you will probably behave differently. If I wasn’t interested in a 1000 things from comedy to literature to photography, science and politics I would probably have as many bags and heels as mum would be satisfied with (half the kardashian closet perhaps). And an army chest of makeup kits and be all diva about colours, tones and matches and act like a tsunami hit the house when its a mess.

Come to think of it that would be fun for a day, and I know a girl who had this mindset which hid her deep understanding of the world – but that’s not my value system. I would do that for an hour and be back to my room plotting other things like goals, how to be badass, affirming some positive stuff, reading things like how not reading literature impacts society; skimming over my hunk corner and reading back on positive things my friends have said about me.

I think, as some guys have their man caves, girls should have their girl caves. Everyone needs their space. This is important because there you are warm (or chill), you gather your energies, and are able to just be without anyone else present. What I love about mine are the insights I’ve had and discoveries, as well as hard questions I’ve asked myself. It is ultimately, freedom to explore as you wish that is great.

IMAGE SOURCE: instagram, sherrihill

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