What is a “Like” ?

To the people who liked my graduation picture:

To all 60 (and pending) of you, where are you? Thanks for validating your congrats for me, but where is the party – where are the in person congrats? Is this how we are going to leave it, letting an algorithm and a visual lead BE our life? Because it looks like it.

What THE HELL does a like mean? It’s not a like. It’s an automatic button press which means “cool”, or just a caveman grunt at something kind of amusing. You’re a monkey sitting pressing stuff and guess what? You win, not me. You get to read my information. You get off on a pretty picture. You feel envy, happiness, curiosity – a turn on – a surprise. You scroll past it. Someone made the effort to post about an event, say something, tag someone or something – this has meaning. Then we “like “ it. And we attribute some form of meaning to that like. My question is, what the heck is it. Because it’s not what it is.

Yes, I’m feeling a little angry. Yes, I’m tired and in a noisy place and just want to sleep in a forest for the next five years. A wooden house with food.
That doesn’t mean my question is any less valid. In fact if you look it up, 100% of Google searches are people vainly searching for meaning. Job, Family, Romance, Sex, Travel, Religion. Our search for information, spoken of by researchers, is becoming ridiculous.

We squeeze ourselves into computer functions and once trapped in there, we no likie what we see.

Unless you’re a male of questionable motives looking up hot women.

We no feel nothing (take that you stupid “I accidentally tripped into some feelings” meme) we no see nothing.

I’m beginning to think we need a whole new definition of liking something, someone, and what a virtual button stands for.

So…. tell me what is a like?

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