Do Your Parents Age?

I just gave mum feedback on a Little Black Dress she picked up for work, and been feeling very sentimental since. I’m looking at a beautiful woman in her 40s that is starting to “age”.

I really don’t associate my mum with “age” because for a very close relationship, in my head she will always be a strikingly beautiful woman with vigour, passion for travel and projects and with a huge heart.
Every time I see a wrinkle or some kind of indication of time I want to go tell life to piss off.
And then in my imagination I fast forward to when she may be 60 or 80 and leaving earth and I hug her, kiss her on the cheek and tell her I regret absolutely nothing and love her very much, that she will always be the young and beautiful role model at my side, and put her to peace.

This conservative corporate dress code just made me flash back and forth like crazy.
The mother that I firmly remember, putting on skirts and blouses with heels and belts like armour (because it looked stiff and perky) and yet like beauty (because my mum is a model with boobs, long legs, a gorgeous smile and can-do personality). After that… is nonsense.

You remember the person for what they were in their element (and holy crap I would not and never will get in mums path when she is mid project execution) … and quite frankly aside from the clothes and the beauty, it’s the energy and the attitude that makes it all magic. So in the end this age thing I talk about – it’s life putting a print on mum, to say she ain’t immortal. That youth is fleeting. But in my head she will always be young, forever going somewhere, forever cheeky and uncompromising in her desires.

Stupid conservative LBD trying to swamp mum in boring black, old and seriousness. That is in fact everything in opposition to what mum is. Perhaps thats my real issue – its the LBD, not age or life.

Age means you will not live for a thousand years. Life means things WILL happen, protect your loves or not (and this is something mothers fear like crazy). It’s this conservative LBD. Everything my mum isn’t and never will be.

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