Do Good-looking Smartasses Scare You?

Following up on the image centric post; which can be boiled down to brains vs beauty –

I was asking myself last night, perhaps I have too much brain, curiosity and introversion to actually need my looks.
Because most days I am tired of attempting to flirt with guys – I know what I want and that does not always add up to the stereotypical goal of a twenty year old. Which is funny – I love clubs, partying my heart out, dancing and the vibes of party animals. But in mofo moderation – I don’t drink as people think I do, or do salsa every night. In fact looking back on the days when I partied, it was a means to an end – like my parties were for me to blow some steam while I was working on a project, thesis, studying for an exam – in fact I have blown off a guy’s advances because I had work commitments in the form of writing 3,000 words every two days or so.

That was for you to get the picture. I will probably keep doing this and trying to deceive my heart at the same time because I have goals and deadlines to meet, where failure ain’t an option. And guys are a risk situation that I manage as of 5 years ago.

On the topic of this post; beauty – provides many, many advantages if you know how to manage it and charm the pants of people around you. Which not a lot of attractive people do… because they don’t have to do much. But as a girl who is outgoing yet loves to read and analyse etc I wondered last night if the looks wasn’t wasted on me as I can’t be bothered using the least of what I have – naturally – been blessed with.

Then this morning I decided its a great thing, sometimes misunderstood and underused or overused, or unregistered (like any other thing worth terrible greatness, beauty included) but nevertheless if it is there then it is meant to be doing something.

Do you use what you naturally get, do you have difficulty accepting compliments for example? I know some people that suck at that.. sad, sad people.

Note: Photo credit not mine.

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