Music Got Lazy: Artificial Arts

At the risk of insulting DJs across the world, the rnb and electro music genres and industries – I have come to the opinion that we have become incredibly lazy when it comes to art. Specifically, music.

And I would pull in people who note how crap it is to listen AND watch music these days. Pornography has clearly overtaken the human senses because I looked in disbelief at what miley cyrus was doing on stage – that aint twerking no more – how can the hemsworth bro be into such trashy expression – why does she think people are so fascinated by her crotch? I find that not just vulgar but complete misuse of fame.
I also have other back ups to call on – my extended swiss line is quite into music, both brothers being in brass bands that must rehearse every week whatever is on the agenda – I know and have great respect for friends who play music – electronic (who started with classical) and string (guitar).
I played piano as a kid and love singing (took singing lessons and was in the university choir). Henceforth I know how much effort and reward music gives and takes.

This mainstream electronic music crap? My 10 year old cousin could trump that, if she sat on the stool playing piano for 30 minutes.

And people would dance too. They’re all literally waiting for proper music.
We need a melody, not a beat, when it comes to dancing together. It’s sean paul’s trumpet, vs samba, or the spanish guitar.

Its funny if you follow the right stuff on such a media as instagram, you can find all kinds of audiences. And one of them are single people dreaming of meeting someone awesome : all I want is loyalty, a partner in crime, someone to eat pizza with all day” etc – and it kind of makes sense. Then you go outside, breathe in good air, check out nature and marvel at how simple something beautiful can be, yet so fulfilling.
Screw those checklists, just enjoy whats in front of you. But I guess that’s how rotten we got, believing we must have x and x to be truly happy with life.

And funny enough that’s the basis of law of attraction, satisfaction and charm: be present, thankful and don’t disturb the peace. I swear that worked for me. Tony Robbins calls that living in a “beauteous” state where the moment you appreciate all that’s around you, things just come to you. It is a force. And after a year or so of following profiles, you can tell what’s fake.
Some random pumped up model with a Chanel bag, sunglasses and well done nude lips versus a confident young female lawyer wearing her grandmother’s diamond as a necklace. Status, empty promotional beauty versus sentimental meaning.

In saying that, I find there lies the answer to a lot of our troubles. Such as concrete buildings; glass corporate buildings, no yards for urban kids, no security in open streets; space in zoos, building fences; cut- off family members…

We are now seeking real music, real performers, contact, touch, peace and quiet. Pets to cuddle.

Life has become a minefield of noise! Electronics cannot explore a human story like a painting, a flamenco dancer (which by the way can’t explore intense emotion until mature age, which to me is a fascinating point) the jazz or a movie about indigenous tribes.

Literature, god bless those authors who write despite all forms of adversity, just to showcase a point in life – that, is what we are looking for.
Identity as people are now more important than ever before. And we are being blinded by “science”, the media and “getting successful” to follow something that may not be real.

Bottom line is…we have a culture of sex drugs and rock’n’roll. And this is supposed to lubricate us away from a miserable reality; the topic has been explored by some – such as hard working American alcoholics who ask why it is alcohol is needed so badly nowadays.. inclusive of food, sex, music and other pass times. And the music is absolutely no different.

Before I left university campus, I met a bartender who worked at basically all the good bars I knew in town. I found out he went to a rave (concert of 12 hours) and asked how he got through or “are you alive?”.
He replied, “I’m not”. Since he took drugs to get through.. he was a walking zombie. And then it occurred to me, since electronics isn’t actually “human” music (made, performed by people) we can’t follow it through. It goes on way too long for natural functioning. So we use drugs to get through, to pump up whatever muscle required.

What kind of life are we leading when we cannot dance, breathe or function properly and smother ourselves with all legal substances? What kind of a miserable life are we distracting ourselves from?

On the last point of identity, we strive to identify with people and our surroundings – this is human nature. This is my opinion, an infuriating or catalyst topic under the political and social climate where in my belief, everything we are as people is being attacked.

Case in point, my mate who is in a group dealing with social justice (yuuuum) mentioned 80% of the time people question their political identity and do not speak too much on political policy. In reply, I said identity is much easier to attack. Policy requires some damn good research. And that topic doesn’t let people be ignorant. Once someone says you’re ignorant – you get embarrassed.

The one thing we can’t stand these days? Social isolation… public embarrassment. With division in identity, community and understanding, hostility is in the air.

And I’m pretty sure this impacts on the music we hear and watch. You think so too?

Photo Credit: Google on Youtube.
Ana Karla Suarez finishes dancing the flamenco on stage, Bailando concert, Milano

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