First Titanic then Furious 7

Ok there have been many times during these past 3 months where I watched something or read something and simply had to bawl my eyes out.

Conversations I saved from the past with a guy I thought had the strongest chance of a long term relation with me –
Reflections on my father’s birthday message over facebook after 3 years of no contact, and marvelling at how silly some very smart people can be —

Youtube-ing Furious 7 Official Ending, RIP Paul Walker. – link below

I have watched responses from the cast, Vin Diesel and Paul’s family regarding his death. Impossible not to shed a few tears because its so real and clearly the actor was real too, in acting, in his passions, as a person. He was beautiful insde and out.
And I thought I’d be strong enough to watch that clip without bawling like so many have admitted to (it’s special to see people commenting RIP under nearly every furious movie clip plus strangers admitting to how much Paul influenced their lives)

… but I was wrong, and I know why.

There is a genuine theme of farewell in that clip. It’s focused on Vin’s character, watching everything especially how Paul acts with his family. Then the tear jerker comes; Vin leaves the beach saying “it’s never goodbye” – I should have known then. The theme was materializing, hardcore. And then he’s on the road, reminiscing how he met Paul etc and Paul’s spunky, fun loving character comes out.
Next scene, Paul’s driving alongside Vin saying “hey! thought you could leave without saying goodbye?”, those brilliant blue eyes playful as always. Vin makes a mellow smile. There’s this theme of brotherhood and family.. and thats the next hardcore tearjerker.

“No matter where you are, whether its a quarter mile away or halfway across the world… you’ll always be with me and you’ll always be my brother” ….

The roads physically, beautifully divide… and I really lose it. Paul’s car goes one way, Vin’s car goes another.

You create your family through your friends, over time. You unite, over time. You have a bond, over time. And this is perfectly celebrated in this tribute. This is reason one and two for the tearjerker.
Fact is, you feel the divergence in life; no matter what you say or do, things will happen. You “lose” materials, a person, an energy (as the cast describes). Only love remains.

That’s the magic to this franchise! The love, meaning, bonding is central theme to each “impossible” project the fast and furious team gets through. This is something so many hollywood producers are oblivious to.
But eh, who cares – the movies are real because the love is obvious in every scene. As a writer and music lover myself, I hold great respect to how these movies are put together; between stunts, script, gadgets, music and the cast you get amazing entertainment which since 2005, is very scarce to find.
And to me, also importantly – non conventional scenes. Women kicking butt, but not selling themselves out. Very,very important. And they get admired by their fellows for doing that. Even more important (fast and furious 6, scene where the two women go to sugar up the guy who guards the enemy’s stuff). Diversity, as Vin points out, is also key here. Lots of races are represented and not stereotyped, their humanity respected.

The best part is the moments I mention my latest searches on fast and furious; a few of my friends start looking it up. Not one person has mentioned if its crap, even out of spite. The movie caters to all audiences because of its universal (AND non cliché) factor.

I’m going to stop ranting on all the elements which make the franchise awesome and go back to dancing to its music and watching the trailors. Heart face.

here’s a few awesome comments ! photo credit, google

Jeremy JMIAH Williamson5 months ago
MAN, this shit still makes me emotional.. we grew up with this stuff… and its about the same as when Han Solo died… but this shit is REAL. It makes you grateful for life and for every breath!

imperfectlypretty5 months ago
This is so hard to watch. I loved him when he was alive but I never knew how special he was until he was gone. A genuine person with a good heart… very rare. RIP PW. See You Again. FastFamilyForever!

WaqarDepp3 months ago
‘You’ll always be my brother….’ That line never fails to bring tears to my eyes.
Reply 24
^^ Right with ya WaqarDepp

TheGamer8904 // Minecraft and AJ5 months ago
vin diesel left a good message…….
Reply 18
Seualatoa Gamer2 months ago
I think in fast 8 vin diesel is bad because Paul isn’t there for him
Reply 12

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