The Hostile World of Exes

SO I made another venture into ex crap land – ie. any information on the Web regarding whatever happens at break up, and post break up.

Why is it ex crap ? Because it’s a messy zone.
Why am I going there? Because at each “level” ie meaning of his friends talking to your friends, what are the intentions and purposes; why was he reported to be quiet while his friends talked about him to your friends… and what to expect, how to prepare etc. This isn’t ever simple.

And further more since I am not 100% on avoiding certain people, I want to have some scenarios in my head before facing the crazy modern world version of love… ie trying to relax gossiping with a girlfriend after work over a beer, and preparing for a nice bomb in the form of an old summer date, to confront and speak to.
I never rule anything out; but the best part is, I’m confident and try be fair with everyone. And so at each level I ask myself more questions. Trying to figure it all out.

The reason I’m talking about this is; I get up and away from the pc to take a breather. Reading up on ex crap land time and again can be quite draining. Conditions exist, emotions flare…I am on the verge of saying break ups are modern illnesses. Sometimes they do more evil than good.

So on the topic…. I don’t believe my generation has ever had so much hostility to face in its life as the other generations. Everything from fashion to cars, music to movies and politics, resources scarce, competition fierce for job positions, money and property – its become aggressive.

And dating … the dating is the best representation of this.

I told my close relative, about just one example of a lawyer girlfriend and her love life. My relative’s reply was an “oh God”. What would a middle aged woman know married at 18? She doesn’t know any of these games that guys play before you even decide to commit to some sort of relation. This is why some of us turn into players involuntarily; you have to turn into one to survive.
Choice spoils people.

We are constantly torn. Big data. Love. Parents. Geography. Status. Property. Cost of living. Fuel. Brain… and heart. Science telling us what to do. Trade-offs. And so I look upon ex crap land as one of the symptoms that too much has come between humanity. People are lonnnnnging for the simpler life, especially in the world of tech. For each and every innovation there’s a problem and a hitch somewhere.

Instead of a guy picking up the phone to tell his sweetheart something or to try again, he sits laying an egg letting his friends speak up for him. Oh this one sounds promising.

Warfare… break ups are warfare. And the best part is, since older generations don’t really take the social media seriously, we have to study what the hell to do over the Web; who and when to unfriend, and why THE HELL you should want to stay friends with your ex’s friends. One side of me thinks “these are instructions for dumbasses” and the other half is like “what a disappointment.. I was hoping for a new angle on how to treat the situation”.
I am hoping for information to let me position myself in the grand scheme of stuff-ups.

Is tech real? It’s very real. Is love real? It’s very real. Are break ups real? Yeah and they suck.

Are we living in an aggressive world full of unhappy people? Damn right. And somehow putting all our heads together, we’re supposed to navigate this; alone with tech, or with friends. And because we know we can be misunderstood in this digital age, we keep EVERYTHING hush.

I know I do.

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