Respect, Power, Workplace &Women

I recently started work at the headquarters of a major, global company that is number 1 in its industry. This means I work my butt off with my colleagues who are 90% women, who also work just as hard to contribute to the company’s number 1 status.

Why am I mentioning this? Genders. What’s with the politics surrounding it. Women, respect men. Men, respect women. We have had equality for a good half a century now legally speaking. Now that society is catching up to that idea of treating women well especially because they now work just as hard if not harder than men in the workforce, I noticed something curious.
I come back home from work and I find myself dissatisfied.
Nothing is mine, I have no partner to share a drink with or talk to or cuddle up with.

Imagine if I had three kids and another baby in fully grown male form. I have no idea how our mothers managed all of that back in the day plus gruelling days at work. But I do know that with hard work comes demand for equality and demand for respect. And just recently I read a cosmo article (I gotta do something for entertainment) where it stated very fairly, that since women are kicking butt at the office (and they are, me included) we can call the shots on like, EVERYTHING. When to have a family, a partner. You name it. And legally speaking I’m covered if I had a kid with some guy on the street.

Power to the people if only they read their rights. These dumb issues such as men being men and pay and treatment and justification for politics to be involved in biology etc…. they stem from a patriarchal society which is desperately afraid to give power to women. And this is also where 90% of family conflicts come from, the man not understanding that it’s not about power and rights, but about dynamics of harmony. You want to be right all the time? Become a bachelor and try break George clooney’s record.

But in all seriousness, who gets off on so much power? Those with large egos…. I’m guessing.

And this desperation to keep power stems from a curious analysis I once read on Trump’s presidential images… it’s a representation of men who are scared of being emasculated for one thing and another, feel threatened by modern society. Why? Because they don’t feel important, have status, or purpose. They’re losing their grip on control.

One point is for sure, when you’re given a certain treatment and a certain workload you change. Some bits good, some bits bad. But you will not take some lazy treatment especially from players any longer. Your time is precious. You can afford your own pizza by the lake without having to slather an ego some attention; you literally don’t have any dignity to spare for that same idiot.

You can call the shots. Wise men know it, smart men keep the chicks who call the shots and call them out on their BS. And that makes a world of difference. Of course I have another idea; guys asking a girl out to tea and some comedy in the evening and being an actual companion for a couple of hours. Super radical idea isn’t it? But worth some reflection.

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