It’s beeping! Are you picking up?

Modern world, gadgets and life issues …

There’s a guy who is getting through all the pains of looking after his ageing parents and a very sick mother. There’s another guy who decided to cut contact with family because of abuse. There’s also a girl who despite being more religious than me and sometimes fairly preachy, is struggling with her parents divorce. I gave her a positive spin on the whole issue – because I can, been there done that.

But ultimately I reflected on a close relative just how much it seems gadgets and machinery are controlling our perception of life.

Mainly these points: convenience, speed, instant gratification, catering to the ego.

And once you’re hooked to think the elevators run at the button, that your coffee will be ready in a second, that your laundry will be done while you’re sitting on a dondola having a beer in the sunshine, or that messages from anywhere in the world can be brought to you in a nanosecond telling you if your best mate survived another alcoholic night out in the middle of some forest – you think life is so simple, convenient and malleable to your needs.

This doesn’t agree with the natural life that we live with.

And holy crap it shows.

Isolation, hurt, drinking, suicide, denial – so many symptoms of people who lack the strength to handle life’s issues … or can’t accept and move past traumatic events. And I put that down to this weird notion of forgeting life’s point of living and the fact that humans are not robots. How can you give yourself permission to grieve and accept and move with the times when you’re under the illusion you must be as perfect or run as smoothly as that big metallic pile of junk in the corner?

Worst of all, who do you trust with your super private information? We need friends we can count on. And if we have them… well, we have the spiritual equivalent of an angel.

And the last agenda, when things are running at break-neck speed, algorithms can be calculated super fast; when we’re sold electric toothbrushes, mobile lawn mowers, when information is accessible and demanding 24/7, where do you draw the line?

Friends from IT and Artificial Intelligence could not give an answer.

Friends from that sector hate to admit it because what they’re selling is a promise that the machine will be running; but you need support for break downs. You need support for maintenance. Innovation? By who? Most bosses are scared to see ambition in their teams. Only small medium businesses have a chance at innovation because no executive or process is there to stop their creations.

But back to the point… unless we have a wonderful empathic, supportive community you as a person, are fried. And I think this is the source of many suicides, drug abuses, homicides, family fallouts….. list of failings goes on.

Since when are you supposed to stop feeling as a human? Since when is reality so crap that we distract ourselves with food, alcohol, sex, TV?

I hate to say it but one of the smartest girls I know from a post graduate program, said well if you don’t feel anything then life is easier.

… And I stopped for a minute to mentally gawp at her. The one thing I don’t buy about humanity, she takes in with diamonds and Ferraris. I was a tad disappointed in her verdict. But it also said a lot about her morals.

What happens when we buy into all the illusions of the fancy matte engraved gadgets? Not a lot of good. I mean there are some beauties about it, like talking to family from long distance; that essential connection is magic. It makes you think life is worth living.

It’s when you’re surrounded by jealous, demanding, in your face machinery that does not increase your quality of life, that you know something is wrong.

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