2 Worlds, 2 Privileges: a Revelation

There’s nothing quite like jumping through beaurocratic hoops to land a place in a university or a job overseas – to make you think critically about aspirations, but more importantly the opportunities ONE country can give you, based on its international reputation and its agreements with other countries. And in a time when companies are stretching the law, charging globalization, everyone gets paranoid on your country and religion status – you really appreciate and suddenly get patriotic on what you can do just purely based on where you live.
NOT looks, education, race, abilities or profession – purely your country of residence.

This is something kids in Europe and overseas take for granted. This is something I also took for granted before my mum went travelling for work.. and opened my eyes to possibilities.
We still have arguments on whether education is a privilege – I say it is. Not for the money factor but the opportunity factor.

Because I am 1000% aware of the agreements my country of citizenship has with other nations for the benefit of my linguistic and occupational skills — and I see how much my existence actually hinders on these powerful things — I suddenly see how powerful in turn my country is. Why would any nation take just any citizen from any country for work or study?

Its a huge,yuuuuuuge topic these days thanks to lack of innovation, industrial advancement, bombings, terrorism, war, the squeezing of middle working classes — and the influence of elites.

Following this….you could ask me, what’s it like to be present in both countries of internationally known quality of life and privilege?

Because I’m not from an ignorant wealthy white class upbringing, I (and my friends) have an amazing, liberal view of many grey topics. The first thing that pops up in my head is opportunity for education. The other is freedom and opportunity. The third… I guess comes to the fact that you become a Very Important Person or The Most Interesting Person because ideas of being exotic become blurred; as a person coming from “the other side” of the world you would have tonnes of experiences to share. Then its also “but its so far away! What are you doing here!?” You get scanned for a credible account of moving crazy distances.
Lastly…. I say just wow. Because I do appreciate where I am despite all the hard work it takes to simply stay put. To persevere against all odds. And finally, the amazing education of contrasting what a country sells – and going beyond that to the realistic case of a living situation.

America to London, Paris to Spain, Australia to Canada, Indonesia to Ukraine; you get mileage you could never score on an executive card.

Photo credit: Australian Olympic team in UK, google

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