Living in Alternative Facts

I am not against technology or media. I am against how people treat each other after evolving with it. I am against machines replacing certain jobs and leaving people to move industries.
I know that we can now communicate anywhere anytime, with HD clarity (important these days) but thanks to my extensive studies (my master thesis for example) I don’t think anyone is ready for the huge tide of complications, repercussions and fundamental Qs we are going to be asking as a human race.

Because we have accepted tech as be all, end all.

Information overload threatens us; we become less of who we could be.
Laziness, douchebaggery and stupidity are coming through as consequence of people justifying any movement more than that’s required of them. And guess what. It’s really obvious these days. Leaders, social media comment sentiment, politics –

Some of us are actually smart enough to see what’s actually going on beneath the cloud of media confusion (wars in Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iran, Georgia……) and the other part of the population are people (robots) led by junk (tv). Funny enough…. I don’t judge those robot people. I was also that kind of junkie. Life was once boring, I was studying hard, felt un-girly, it was great to be entertained by glamorous airheads (rich housewives).

And then my parents separated, bills had to be paid- I noticed foxtel was a rip off, and between home renovations we just stopped watching TV. I don’t even miss it. Figuring out real stuff was more interesting (replastering the walls for instance, watering newly planted jasmine for another).

But again this was a lifestyle shift, a choice. I have huge family values.

Then I noticed just how much of the world is controlled by corporate interests. Not because of corporate “power” but because profit buys stuff: therefore capacity to influence people, flow of materials, knowledge —
and if you can manipulate people ? Major score. Now its the billionaires guiding/trashing politics.

Technology just vents it all out. I have heard of homes in the states with 5 TV screens. Ask yourself…. do you really need this? The smart ones go *silence while thinking*… “nupe”.

And the best part…
Politically correct terms are now the fashion.
This disturbs me on a fundamental level. Not even talking about crisis communication but any problem in life.

Whats the first step to solving it?
Identifying it. Admitting it. Right?
We no longer get this “privilege” because we get puppets in power that go into “alternative facts” mode. This is poison. You’re not allowed to state a fact, a situation.
This is also a way for elites to keep power. Forget about bourgeoisie (middle classes). Their income is a TINY gap between rich and poor and it will disappear. Because it is being squeezed. The people who have a lot are not giving anything away.

And we have lots of memes where people make fun of going on a hunt with a burglar to see where their wealth is. That’s actually terrifying.

And the rich make up their own schemes to keep it that way.. keep you in confusion because any stakeholder in a business will keep their interests quiet (and I’m not talking about loud activists or non government agencies).

The good news? People at the bottom can take control at any flipping time. All it takes is realization and networking. People at the top have power because people legitimize that stuff, let elites keep it and accept what’s going on.

If you start challenging that, things will start to change.
Get a beer, go on a train to the middle of nowhere (helps me) and ponder over this.

Image: sleeping with one leg out of the covers, Facebook

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