Benefits of Indifference

I recently researched the topic of being “indifferent” and “not giving a f—k” through blogs, psychology journals and reddit (the last one is obviously most fun) and found some curious things people have written on the topic.

It came from the fact that I stopped caring about a few things since graduating with a Master and I got curious if this was a good thing or not…

The key points I took are:

Being indifferent is healthy as long your priorities are fine.
Some people stop stressing over the little things and get the job, “girl/boy”, house … car.
Some people are truly weird on the internet. Is indifference living or not living?
You can get away with too much at work in the event no one actually does anything.

Chicks seem to love indifference (emmm I like passion and confidence in a guy so count me out… weird Americans)
Note: Girls love it when a guy is not trying too hard

It does seem to improve your life if you learn where the indifference should be – like financial independence, success, respect of peers for example (like you’re doing your thing, not trying too hard, not being a push over etc)

What occurred to me from the tone of all posts:

People are scared or uncomfortable to be around blatantly ambitious people.
Some crazy nuts are so angry with the world that not giving a damn and appearing half asleep, seems to do them some good.

Guys report their indifference drives girls wild: they keep a hot woman and have a bunch of women after them resembling an AXE ad. – Funny that I mention this one three times!

The deep end: no go – you lose a lot. Gotta care and prioritize your foundations for movement as a person.

In my own view point:
Doing everything to de-stress before a job interview is great

Enjoying yourself at a social gathering with no expectations is great

Stamping your foot when mother bosses you around the house, should not be a guilt zone trip

On the negative side…Indifference could be a symptom of mild depression.

I have this similar feeling of “not giving a damn” when I get tipsy. Oh it feels good

When was the last time things turned around because you stopped stressing over the little things?

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