Selfies And Hashtags #whatamI

So strange moments at work;

I had just taken a selfie with 4 other people, adding a tag as part of a friend and colleagues` project.
I was thinking about selfies and hashtags.

It’s this whole identifier thing that makes you want to stand out, be visible.
And I realized while I was out earlier in the same month, I totally forgot the tags “australian” “spanish” “date” –

But I kind of didn’t. I was happy, I danced and I drank, celebrating life on a Saturday with a Latin hunk in front of me and all these flipping hashtags just didn’t seem important

That’s when it dawned on me. Modern life is on the one hand ridiculously masculine driven, science bound, all about technology yet our boundaries are fuzzy; and somehow algorithms, hashtags, screens and other computers govern our lives. The computer language has imprinted itself on our communication, from phones to bags to shirts… to terrible spelling.

Who the bloody hell cares which pub you went to, if you had a mojito, if you were hanging out with a Spaniard?
If your drink looks amazeballs or if you can take quality pictures? Whether or not you hugged or made out?
People somehow… think it matters. Which is why we think we want this “visibility” in the first place. An identifier. A label.
Who, What, Where, Why. A category.

Because we have lost it.

We let the machine think for us.

All I cared about was venting my energy, drinking a cocktail I love that I earned good money for, and in fact finally doing what I wanted to do since graduation a few months before. Nationalities and places meant nothing to me.

But to be “cool” in the digital age, this is whatcha gotta do.
#2cool4school #dataoverload #resistanceisfutile

Photo Credit:
Instagram: @anna_likhoa My photo of Mojitos at Nelson`s Pub, Zurich.

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