How Do You Define Cool?

What I found: It is a state of being yourself. Of being collected, confident, going with the flow. Intrigue, passion (depending on the amount) …freedom to express yourself.

Another definition adds: enthusiastic and knowledgeable, tolerant of others’ views, accessible.

Early this year a big apero at a club was planned by a Spanish guy and it coincided with Australia Day.

I requested the Australian Flag from my mum, sent by post – preciously packed –
And escaped my room of Thesis frenzy by 10pm – or was it 11 …
I was ever so coolly coming with a plus one, because I hate being bored on the way to a party. I did that enough times when my friends were away on exchange and I was doing lots of event management.

As I got to this big apero I said hello to everyone I knew and then made my way to the Spaniard`s group.

I saw everyone, I developed good rapport. There was excitement, momentum and some ignorant-from-writing 2 -or 3 000 -words per -day-situation happiness.

Next thing I know, a new friend appears. We have instant chemistry. And we bond quickly because I like her modest diamond necklace from a grandmother; her risk-taking attitude and friendliness only associated with Americans, Latinos and Australians.
I help her with her drink; our cheerfulness is like a great big Australian firework.

To cap it off, independently she turns toward my Spaniard (who was being weird and distant for the night) and proclaims –
“She’s awesome!” asking how we met.
In the distance I`m like “just being me, sweetheart, but please go ahead and torment the guy with the barometer of awesome that I am”
… it`s like karma being super nice.

And I am happy where I am. Letting go. Sometimes the music comes with a melody, other times it is lounge, next moment it is rave. And then the cue:

My friend asks: “It`s Australia Day?`
Me: *removing the flag from my bag*
“Yeah! Check it out!”
And the night really begins.

I am waving the deep blue and red flag in glee and it looks amazing, vivid and refreshing next to all the reserved posh Europeans around me. And I attract attention… the town mayor comes close. Some Yugoslavian chicas come over to ask if I`m Australian. And they start rudely giggling when I confirm.

And then the only kiwi in the village comes over, and that`s it – between the Italians, Spanish, New Zealanders, Persians and Americans I am to my mind, hooting and waving my flag cheerfully because –
It’s the cool crowd.

We just want to party, let go, celebrate together, dance, and share experiences. Some samba comes on and I completely forget everything, waving my flag like crazy and trusting people around me to take care of it (looking at you, Spaniard) while partying.

It also doesn`t hurt that the he wakes up and starts indicating at me for the flag, my attention – a bunch of things. Like a touch to my butt to get MY full attention.

With the exception of melody-less music in the middle, the night was one of the most awesome ones I had. I attracted my tribe and did whatever I wanted.

In my opinion cool is being confident, and if you can’t sit still then you make it your mission to get around and greet people. Most of all its knowing yourself and being kind. cool.jpg
At the risk of quoting the Cinderella movie, that is my definition of cool.

Post Note: After the biggest public Instagram likes on a post I ever received, I have the suspicion that people genuinely love Auatralians and want to party and share happiness. Also, our flag looks damn cool. =P

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