Finally Homesick for my Island

Come June in Europe people asked me:
Are you going back to Australia?
will you be going on holiday to Australia?
Are you going back to see family in Australia?

— Joke is on them because June means colder climate in the south and warmer in the north hemisphere.
Therefore, I stay put.

Lakeside swimming and partying after all the university torture for 9 months?
Yes please.

Now, it`s been 3 years after all the third-party homesickness predictions and gelato-dollar questions about my travels south.

That means a Master, a few heartbreaks and hurricanes later, asshole professors and crazy European standard education plus living on my own AND getting a job in the biggest city in Switzerland…

Ladies and gentlemen, I have every right to be overdue on feeling homesick.
And I am totally fine with it.

My mental happy places are on the white beaches with 30 degree heat in a flowing Camilla kaftan, coastal breezes in my hair. Including a puppy, aqua waters and cocktails somewhere on the side.
And then diving, head shoulders knees and toes into that same clear blue water hearing my head hiss with satisfaction once it was under water… beautiful yellow finned fish skimming right before my eyes and fingers. I could see the water move over the clear white sand and that would be bliss.

My next happy place was a weeks’ worth of forest trekking, a seafood bbq, moon and sunrise watch.

Wearing my Ugg boots whenever it gets cold. Mmm softness.
Putting on my wonderfully tropical and chic green and blue Versace silk scarf (love at first sight) I bought in Sydney at 18.

But those are just experiences I find unique to the country I was raised. Throughout the 3 years that I studied, I had wonderful moments sitting on my bed typing to friends from Australian country and city side. They missed me, and I missed them.
But what did I miss about them?

No psychological mazes or political strategies to have to figure out.
This is why people LOVE us. We are literally a breath of fresh air: mostly fair and honest.
We have a hard work ethic. A responsibility. I felt in the virtual chats, there was a good person on the other end. And lots of jokes and useful life tips. We are raised tough. And no one and nothing can appreciate an Australian’s humour like the Aussie grown kind.

Thing is, a huge point in fact, I never thought I would make it this far.

Past the crazy lifestyle, expectations and workload of the past 3 years; questioning so much which led me to research for a hobby; past serious self-doubts and confusion, and pressure.

And since I have made it this far, I do the natural thing: keep setting goals, taking examples of my friends and marvelling at how much higher I can achieve. And trying to do things to make myself happy.

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