Longchamp: What Did I Pay For?

One day coming back from work I decided a big bag is an awesome bag.

Food,toiletries, notes, aside from change of clothes – this is where I live at work and on the road. And you don’t want a sissy tiny clutch for that purpose.
So I proclaimed that I would save up a grand (not hard as I’m pretty frugal) and get a good sturdy kick ass designer bag.

Some get gym bags, some buy industry tough Freitag bag, and I wana get a nice designer one.

Mum popped up, found a nice colour, size, at a reasonable price. Instead of 900 it was down to 400 something. Score!

I came home and being the PR cynic I was, not seduced by the big bag& heritage narrative on it. I was however seduced by the quality I saw, and the smell inside. It almost made me want to not use the bag…. it was so good.
And the professional in me went:
so what did I pay for?

Firstly, cowhide. And … being me, I had to laugh. I live in the middle of a village full of them, now I carry one.
But its good quality. A Greek girlfriend told me so. And I can feel it. Its not going to disintegrate like the other cheap s-t I bought before. I can TRUST it.
You can never put a price on the trust but you can definitely see why people spend on it. And baby, I have earned my right to buy some trust.

Secondly…. I bought a good look. People can be major status seekers but in this case I just wanted to look posh. I want to look kick ass. I want to look… like perseverance. Crikey that’s a revelation. Because I believe it takes a lot to knock me down!
I will. Get what. I want.

Thirdly …. I just bought a load of labour. Something about that makes me feel like my higher self. Theres a worth in design, feel, heritage, thought and every stitch-
Oh mama! This thing is worth saving up for.

Fourthly, it gave me a chance to have a girly eeeee moment with any girl willing to squeal with me- new mums included. Because babies come with their own kitchens and beds and food and don’t you forget it. Creamy brown lining eeee! Sturdy handles eeee! Oh that smell gahhhhh.
That hide finish that you know would get through a hurricane. Mmmm.
I bought trust. I bought labour.
Instead of some cheap s-t skidmark chinese design rip off, I put my hard earned honest money into trusting something that would last a while (10 years is long right?)
And its big. Sizes do matter in this crazy world. But ultimately, the way it holds in my hand and my elbow – says the most.

I am woman. I am a woman to reckon with (I have date numbers to prove it: 0) and I have an awesome Longchamp bag.