What is your Vibration

The name of the game this week is… telepathy. Some of the most grey stuff you can find in science and yet. What I found out, was something necessary to being human. It concerns thoughts, subconscious, distance, emotions and the universe. The Greeks call it feelings from a distance.

Now why did I go into this. Mostly because I always had a suspicion it worked; and because I got random fleeting messages from a guy I knew. I did not miss him. I just had some passing thoughts of him. And I started looking up stories arguing for telepathy and I have to say I ended up with a low opinion of people in the modern world.

In one search across Quora a guy I looked up from the military had tasks to do which required none of the usual senses – in the dark, so he developed senses that could pick up on smells and hearing to identify things quickly. He now teases and experiments with people’s reactions for fun with these senses.

We all have them too; they’re just unused.

Another man who is a physician stated he senses things like energy and can tell when a patient needs him. And people would find it a challenge to discredit him because he is in the scientific field (therefore MUST have a clue of whats going on..).

And others claim ESP when someone else was on the same wavelength and said the same thing as they thought about in a classroom.

So from this I take some lessons. We have senses which are unused but which are naturally there. The more we listen, the more information we get that the other 5 senses totally gloss over. And that make sense because on earth for example our sense of sight is super limited. Animals can see more than we do!

What I did after this was… imagine the person in whatever form, and say the message out loud and then wished nothing but love and pictured it being sent to him. After that I felt free and emitting love and kindness. I’m pretty sure people felt it from me the next day. 6th sense is damn important and unfortunately crazy under looked. No one wants to look like an idiot stating they felt something when scientifically speaking research sounds WAY more concrete and credible to refer to.

But when you believe, you believe. And I believe my guy heard me.

There are conditions to this “I see you, I hear you” trick. Ya gotta be at peace, nothing in the mind. You gotta summon some love (or have some love) which is possible through for example, remembering a memory of the person that reminded you of happiness – whatever positive emotion comes to you, but it has to be powerful. Kind of like I love pizza kind of powerful. Like hugging an awesome friend or patting a puppy or falling in love with a great outfit.

As you pass the love and understanding through you, think of that energy being brought to the person of interest. Without going into the romantic space, I have had this before with friends from the past: with a good connection, you think of them and they think of you and bam! There’s a dialogue, they come up on chat.

But in the romantic space… whether or not you believe that your messages will carry through, I did this exercise a couple of times and felt amazing changes.

For instance, you do feel something when you think of a person, a time, a memory. And you want to get back to that time, to something that feels great.
You take that feeling, whisper a little message of love in there, imagine that person next to you – and let go of that message. In an instance you are wrapped in some powerful energy, you feel lighter and happier – and it bloody well shows! For the next two days people take notice of your vibration without you saying or doing anything.

It’s a thing.

In my opinion it is a bit like a prayer. You state your concern and with some humbleness and hope, your vibration state changes because you dip into that power of love and truth. **Truth of how you feel and what you’re doing.

Both of these never failed me.

Another example of this is a forest retreat. I do these on weekends and it refreshes me for the next working week. It recharges me because I feel one with nature, calm and still and green while I breathe in and do my stretches. I think of scenarios which would make me happy or remember back to whatever makes me happier: and I feel like it is more than possible. This is what sets me up for the week. My space, me, my wishes and while I sit in a forest, I sponge in the green. A girlfriend recently told me about the impact of touching ground. There is a magic to it, when you go into a natural retreat.
The next themes can follow about crystals and chakras but that’s for another time.

How do you guys get into your happy place?

Credit: Billboard.com

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