Impossible to Keep Principles in the Modern World

I don’t get it.
Why is it that no matter how I twist or turn… and baby, I have turned –
The modern world simply does not support families – loyalty – health – or common sense?

Values which I was brought up to believe in, are just LOST.
Families are supposed to be the staple of society. They are freaking destroyed.

People get selfish, have ways out: everyone is abusing their power. No one believes in institutions even when they are happy when their friends get married or have babies.
Everyone actually wants that. But no one is supported to make the effort to make that happen.

Promises. Like an insurance, a promise to go on a holiday trip or a ring to symbolise your commitment to anything.

As I told one guy the other day concerning flakey friends at a festival:

“tell me, how is it possible not to be depressed when there is such disloyalty?”
(He hearted this thing)

And media is helping. The crazy overtimes from jobs are helping. Everyone is sleeping with each other. Commitments are dead hard to do. They are not socially cool and so totally rare when you hear a couple gets married and stays put.

Care, Sacrifice. Selflessness for the greater good.

Oh just forget it. I might as well be speaking Greek.

Don’t get me started on the issue of big data. It is squeezing everyone’s intelligence. Do you know what time to get up? No, but your clock does. Do you know what weather there is tomorrow? No, but I’ll google it.

Do you know what coffee cup you’ll be drinking out of tomorrow? No, but I can order it online.
Do you know what you’ll have for lunch? No, but our company fridge has something nice stocked.

Do you have any sex scheduled for tonight? Perhaps, but only if I’m not doing overtime at work. And need to buy pills/condoms at the shops.

Because we don’t want life to happen, dear God!

And my favourite…. writing an important detail on paper then hiding it when the boss comes in. Because no way will you remember the hundreds of content you read every day on the wonderful new 2 big screens you have. And yet you have to commit to the “look” of being paperless.

And because people got so selfish, they cannot commit to relationships properly. Better to go travel and do what you really want instead of being bombarded by someone else’s problems.

Because let’s face it. You ain’t getting enough love, affection and understanding by anyone around you. So why should you be selfless if no one else is? Pure and simple, it’s a losing game.

That’s the Modern World

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