Travel -loving parents: Why I’m grateful

I just had a crazy evening (which by my friends standards, is actually towards normal).
Taking off from work by 18.30, I left to find last minute WhatsApp messages from a good friend. She offered a place to stay, drinks to take and an impromptu dinner together. It was a posh lawyer-firm paid for hotel. In the city I worked in.

This meant I could dash home, get my overnight pack, and head back to the city to catch up with my awesome friend and booze up like lawyers.

Some parents wouldn’t care. Some parents would be jealous of you going out or make fun of you. What struck me was that as long as I kept mine in touch with my plans, I was supported more than I’ve ever known in my life.

But what got me more than stepdads speedy, smooth driving with less than 4 minutes between me and the train departure – was how much their learnings and mindset from a previous life working for an iconic Australian airline company, geared me up to an equally hectic lifestyle of my own.

Living out of a bag (which helps when you fly from a to b, essentials just get scooped out and back into another place).
Small packages of anything.

– You think clothing and mileage.

I have had a travel loving part Peruvian flatmate tell me she was impressed with my minimalistic skills. It’s not much of a battle there, when it concerns an internationally oriented Latina who likes to look good.
You also think, there’s a huge world out there and no time and no space. You get strategic about what you do with time and things.

I already live out of a bag: I bloody well spent on one (see Longchamp post) .. I have my makeup in there, my gadgets and my keys and at some point a diary. My breakfast, afternoon snack and well… umbrella, scarf and sweater. The millennial version of a nomad!

I joke. I have worked my butt off to stay put in one area the last few years.

Some days I marvel that without a change of clothes, I am basically set for an on-the-go life. And that’s what came to mind as I made the most of 20 minutes between trains. From calculating the time I could afford to put on all my equipment, huffing on the bicycle, to running around getting stuff and throwing stuff, making comments to parents, replacing my stuff from bag to bag – taking 5 minutes to sort out my next workday clothes –
I am beyond impressing myself.

I am living life. Out of the bag. With travel-minded parent support. To me I couldn’t be luckier. And on that note, I dedicate this blog to them. And to lots of other travel-minded giving families:

There are a lot of places I would not have gone to without them and a lot of things I would not know without them. I am not crying.

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