Have You Had Your Resolution Today?

Should you speak with your ex… should you write to your relatives. Should you keep in touch with your old friends – well, if it is on your mind…

I highly support the idea of accepting situations and feelings, confessing and moving on.

I did it – and I swear the universe shifted.

If it’s boiling in you, ya gotta release it. If you do not…. you miss better opportunities. You miss healing and health.

You miss life, basically.
When you let go, you say “heck I have no control, so what? This is what I”m gonna do.”
Last time I checked, we were reserves in energy, in power, in intention.

What happened to make me say this against all odds? Apart from the fact that I normally stay low key about my movements, feelings, wishes … I think using some telepathy helped. It brought me to my core inner truth and got me accepting things, normalising some feelings. Then I tried seeking out ways to communicate with that guy in question.

And then a few weeks later I had about 3 beers while I was out, decided time had come, and saw this guy was “online”. I said hi …and it started. My expectation was to get that rolling and to say what was on my heart, clear and raw.

I came to confess.

I did not expect him to be super friendly and say “amore” . Which he didn’t. It was just reciprocation and that’s all I needed.

I needed to release the energy I felt. He thanked me for my wishes, as he was totally turning life around (and I was happy for him) And suddenly…. i felt peace. The very next morning. Could have had something to do with my name day, but that’s another topic. That’s not actually the strange part. I felt suddenly people were reacting differently to me. . Vibes perhaps, had changed.

And then, the best part – another guy I was seeing, put his cards on the table.
I remember vividly throwing my phone on the table, feeling excited and in awe. Or something. I respect a clear intention from a guy and that’s partly why I aimed to get the next train to see him on a weekend…. despite him feeling not 100%. Most of all, I was happy.

This is what i’m trying to get at. Just because something screws up doesn’t mean you need to put your attention there 24/7. Sometimes you need to accept things, understand them, then move on. And another, better door opens. Ya gotta take life’s opportunities while they are there. And they are there, you just need to stop for a moment and look at your situation. You would be shocked how much something takes your focus, which isn’t doing you ANY good. Like, sucking you dry. No progress, no life no growth.

So, resolutions are good. Talk to your exes, see where they are at. Speak to old friends, go where you have been thinking of. It leads you to some awesome discoveries.
With a capital D. I support communication and resolutions… because no one quits cold turkey 🙂

Photo: credit to Livestrong.com

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