Thongs, Parties and Sangria: What do Venezuela, Ukraine and Spain have in common?

Oh yes. I’m going there.

These three magnificent countries:
Apart from beautiful landscapes and people, right now they’re going through the usual painful chaos.

A guy had asked if I had seen a video of Catalonia that he had shared; a girl I know from a German course recently posted about the hypocrisy behind Venezuela’s government…. and me, I have seen a fair amount of Kozaks fighting in Ukraine.

Putting it politely like an Englishman.

Seeing a video clip on this dude’s newsfeed – making a cry for help and pulling in awareness on the uprising in Catalonia (think Barcelona, super North Spain which means the most European part of it) …

Forgive me. If I may rephrase: the demand for a referendum for Catalonia to split from Spanish rule.

I watched the video about Catalonia and I got a very curious déjà vu moment. Coming from a communication field, I found it was – a girl, speaking the facts (policemen took the voters violently away from the booths) and mentioning that the state was very much part of the EU. That no one deserved or could take such civil treatment. It gave me goosebumps, and her gorgeous expression had nothing to do with it.

There is something fundamentally wrong about the state going against its people AND a city state invoking powers against a public… in order to keep its powers.

Beating people physically away from democracy and independence?
Where have I heard that before.

Oh yes. I saw the same in the EuroMaidan period: a cry for awareness from a beautiful girl in her early 20s, with chaos in the background.
It is civil unrest, full stop.

They all seek equality, an end to corruption, to be on their own.
It essentially a cry for happiness and a good life.
But the message that gets sent, is super diluted and political.

No one wants to touch it. Not even the UN. People are left to fight for themselves… and this applies to the western world as well.

Venezuela just received a “freedom of conscience” award which according to my friend, is an empty award. Well, the elite rich and ambitious people love getting something like appreciation from the top bosses or items of status achievement. So maybe this is their language of “I am awesome, just don’t look back at the mess behind me”.

Ukraine… a place that wasn’t on “the map” until the orange revolution and then the EuroMaidan movement. Russia gets all the credit; Ukraine just sits next to Poland shaking its head. I get the impression there is a lot unknown in this fuzzy part of the world thanks to:

a. The cold war (information is so diluted and slow once it gets out)
b. The west doesn’t know jack (bloody arrogant and ignorant because it thinks it has everything to make it superior in the world)
….and c; nobody from the west wants to deal with the east, pure and simple.

Why does it relate to Ukraine? It’s one of the many countries that’s being invaded by a crazy neighbour that will not stop at international regulations or sniping civilians. Inflation skyrockets, with the male population walking around with amputated limbs not being able to afford necessities – life quality plummets.

And most ruling elites get corrupted at the top. They lie, cheat and steal.
Wealth, power – who the heck can handle that?

The only countries that sympathize are the ones that were equally suppressed for a while – Iran, Latvia, perhaps Ireland, Vietnam, Latin America.

Now Spain: a land in trouble thanks to huge unemployment rates and a government that is failing to control anything because then it would have to face civil unrest. Spain ain’t good at that. Royalty flinches at that.

Catalonia wants out? Why you little…
Let them be bruised by the state policemen, what insolence!
So what do you see when you turn on TV? Smoke, peoples cries, violence and armoury?

Do you get any of it? Judging by the essay length question one girl I know wrote me while I was in Ukraine during the EuroMaidan of 2013/2014 … I would say no.

Just off the bat, I would say no one actually knows much about any of the three countries aside from what’s heavily promoted: food, football, beautiful women (thongs or no), singers, dancers, drinks and parties.

And if you do know more than that, that is because you investigated about the reporting of events – or you have a friend who’s from there, giving you humanely digestible info on the topics they care about.

Have you noticed patterns across countries?

Maybe you are from one of these places? – Hola, my friend!

Photo credit: Venezuela, Business Insider

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