Scoring 3 Men in 1 Night: Zurich Comedy Club

Have you been to a comedy club before? If you haven’t there are rules people point out: Don’t sit at the front row because then you’ll be picked on to keep jokes up… Ok I can’t remember the rest, that’s mostly it.

I went into one club thinking it was something between an actual theatre look with a stage, curtains and steps: and something burlesque with the dim lighting, a bar and – seats.

I took a good look around and noticed the audience was mixed: Friday night fun for a multinational crowd, some early 20s, mostly the middle aged. I was the late 20s crowd. The audience gave me hope: so some people like substance while they chill after work, preferring it over people and crap electronic music.


Three men came out, right. *Cue Ann Margret’s Thirteen Men*

The stiff know-it-all Brit who had been doing loads of rounds to keep the audience’s attention while giving a pause between comedians. The Australian (his voice sounded like home) who went slightly too fast for the audience but in my opinion, absolutely ripped the stage.

… Clean. Friendly. Relatable daily scenarios made hilarious, especially the one about disco in the head, going to sleep drunk and jokes about Europe. If you’re reading this Damian, you know I love you mate.

The American? He was good, totally no doubt. He won my friend’s approval. I definitely give him five stars for the same:
holding the attention on stage (not being up himself, sharing his teacher background)working the crowd and making hilarious comments on America’s routine classroom weirdness. Everyone sensed that he was overall a good guy, no false intentions and super honest on his life story to get everyone to relate to him.

But it was after this wonderful African American act that I laser beamed on what was going on. America has loads of material on races, gun violence, sexuality … to the point where I’m going “OK your country isn’t right in the head”. And on that point, I think everyone was grateful Trump didn’t come up.

It was also incredibly western comedy.

Americanism at its finest: things my friend laughed about, didn’t resonate with me. Not because I’m not westernized, but because I did not appreciate jokes I could cut through like a samurai based on experience and on being part of 3 other cultures.

A lot of this comedy CAN be based on making fun of stereotypes. The 2D stuff. And where do those come from? As I pointed out to another cool chick from California, “It’s when you never leave your backyard”.

I told another friend, there is something dirty and dark about comedy. I got some agreements. Because the point of comedy is to get a reaction, a conversation going, people will be picked for all kinds of things. If you get offended….. then this is not for you. Jokes at someone’s expense are not the best. Not sure if I approve of those either; the point is to laugh at every day moments, not prodded with a hot iron until you glow red.

Some interesting flops I noted, that got a roar of approval from some males in the audience… like super special commentary on races and how wearing the hijab would be beneficial to the heterosexual male because then he would not have to wait on his girl to get ready to go out, was quite lost on me. Comedy wise.
I’m the kind of person that has eyeliner and eyeshadow in 1 stick, to put on in 1 minute on the train while on the way to work… which I joked about to the Aussie later that night.

He was mesmerized. Bless those people who are not hard to read! That joke about the hijab made the older guys chuckle but I would guess not for the females in the audience.

Fortunately it was a great night and all three acts, were funny.

So the Australian won in my books because of his light, clean and friendly jokes. The kind that you could easily see Liam Hemsworth making in any interview. That’s us! That’s Aussie. At its best.

Now between the boob jokes, blowjobs, photograph and video scenarios, flights to Switzerland (and I gotta hand it to them, for guys who had been to the country just once, they made excellent observant comments on the cheese, chocolate and whatever else) – I noticed something.

This is status quo.
If the middle aged men could still laugh about a poor younger girls unfortunate fashion accident in a classroom, if we can still laugh about inappropriate sexual crap going on in a learning environment (or anywhere else) and about some national stereotypes doing something perceived as crazy; this means its legit, its real material, and can be an issue.

This is why I depend on comedy ALOT to tell me what’s going on the world. Got obsessed with it by 16, and now having a love affair with it.
How do you live without comedy? I can’t.

To one piece about homosexual behaviour I muttered “that’s bullshit”, my Kozak blood firing up. My friend on the right pointed out, “it’s a joke!”

Reactions across audiences vary but that’s the next point… some comedians can keep the laughs rolling. Consistency. My friend called it a skill. I also called it a gift. I doubt many people can keep a crowd entertained for 5 minutes. These guys do it professionally for 30. There are also many who wish they could write. I don’t feel like myself if I don’t do it regularly 🙂

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