Let The South Seduce You: Why I’m Mesmerized by Australia’s Fashion

I had this idea coming up to Europe that I would add up to my goal of having a substantial wardrobe –

Meaning, get styled and have enough stylish work and play wear, that I wouldn’t have to worry about DAILY or IN THE MOMENT. And I smashed that…. In fact I need more clothes hangers thanks to my shopping. Altogether excluding the luxury accessories which I bought on discount, I wouldn’t say the clothes cost more than a grand in total. And that’s in a 6 month period.

Blame my frugal student mindset, I could have spent far more.

Then I came down to Australia and got a little kick from seeing my many jewellery items and smart outfits left in storage. Besides that, shopping down here isn’t all that bad if you have 2 grand to spare. We have amazing swimwear, easy shoes, pretty dresses and smart work wear. The girls here like to dress up and look feminine. The boys have their own denim, loafers and classic yacht lifestyle look thanks to Ralph Lauren, Sportscraft and Armani. Then there’s always Target and Big W.

I mean, I was kicked in the head twice when I wore a simple short shorts style with a lace strap top. Girls were wearing dresses, high waisted pants, frills, colours, despite 30 plus degrees. This was at Bunnings, a DIY homeware center and a posh shopping center, chatswood chase.

And not only that but there were heaps of shops catering to the little skinny pretty girl. From the cheap gypsy flowery stuff to the more tropical coloured and super tight dresses … I was seduced, point blank.

There is just something about Europe that does not at all, take into consideration – nature. Apart from cold weather and 4 seasons.

And here is what I mean. Everything is cosmetic in Europe – here, everything is inspired by nature. From the natural cosmetics and shampoos and candles, to the wonderfully floaty fabrics which make you think of Tahiti days in the aqua blue beaches.

Something tells me its this natural aspect of Australia, of the south, of mother nature, easy laughs, that was also in me – that must have appealed to the guys I have been out with. Direct contrast to the girls trying too hard, wearing very smart outfits and blasting people with laser eye intensity.
The sun is hot and strong, the sea is a delicious green blue and turquoise. The skies are buttercup blue stretched into purple blue… and expansive. The people are lovely and friendly. There is something about this place that makes me think, our flag colours and symbolism was dead on.

We have the great outdoors. And life in Europe will make you so very appreciative of that: constant summers, physical exercise, getting tanned, life on the road. It is just marvellous.

Just to emphasize the innovation, design and style of the south: we have favourites.

Kaftans by our lovely and famous Camilla worn publicly by Oprah – JETS by Jessica Allen swimwear (you are the bomb for us fuller figured ladies) – KOOKAI for those who want to really show off their assets – to countless others.

We have international brands like any other international city; H&M, Zara, SABA, you name it. And they do give good stuff. I have their items in my wardrobe and inherited some too.

(I asked the universe to never worry about dressing for occasions: I got hit with triple stock! Yes!)

And something else… I have seen the proud and styled way Italians dress up, the Germans, some Spanish, Italians and Greeks – Russians and French. Some Brits. Latinos. Nothing compares to the well-dressed Aussie!

This is almost an unfair comparison seeing as we get the most sun and most opportunities to be fit, but after all Europe likes to be seen as the HQ of the world – and let’s face it, tourists come to see it for that history – and the front runner of haute couture, of innovation and competition. And authentic, quality stuff.

But the south just wins like a tidal wave over Mount Olympus … and according to records from 1600s – colonialism, spread of European civilization between Africa, Australia, Canada and America – that is indeed what’s been happening.

The other side of the coin is all the nationalities that come to Australian soil and find freedom to express themselves – this is also what you get, a multicultural vibe.

We innovate. We design what we cannot find. Heritage does not have any hooks on us. And above all we want to feel beautiful, supported and free. Boom. fashion of the south. Let it seduce you.

Photo: mine, taken in the neighbourhood, Sydney (north shore)

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