Traffic Crossing NSW: Two Brunettes with Mad Car Skillz

Coming back up from a beautiful over night trip in the southern highlands, it was part of the plan to wait for the lacquer to dry on our wooden floor and skirting boards.

We left to go south and have fun around wildlife (wombats are mini bears!) a cattle dog, our friends newest country house and some huge estates. Loved it.

Heading back north after some GPS reshuffling, I mutter with frustration “What. A. Paradox.”
Mum nods with an indignant “Mmhhhmm”.

Do you know what happened?

Not one but three weirdos driving on the NSW highway with one parked at a south highland falls area, that could have caused damage if it wasn’t for our mad car skillz.

1: Reversing ute that didn’t see our car driving out of the national park parking. This was Fitzroy falls – it could have crunched into our left side if I had not yelled and alerted mum to drive away.

2: A car cuts us off on the highway, and I calm mum down. Then it decides to cross 3 lanes in the blink of an eye by the red light without indicating, right in front of us. I am in awe.

3: Somewhere in Blakehurst -basically 6 lanes, 1 going left, 1 going right, 3 straight ahead. The car in front of us?
Going at a clean 70kms an hour, decides to totally stop while changing to the left lane, blocking two lanes. We are right behind it, braking completely, beep at it and swing to the right to avoid more chaos. The car remained still. We decided it could have been an indecisive and panic stricken Chinese guy.

After all this we keep getting huge intimidating signs above saying a speed camera will be anywhere and everywhere and to look out for speeding.

After witnessing these idiots of the highway in the Sydney region at 7pm and 9pm on a Friday night.. I was as baffled as mum as to whether the “government” had a clue of how irrelevant a vigilant speed camera was when its drivers had been caught red handed doing illegal non speedy stuff. Between highway, national park land parkings and the Southern Sydney streets I was not amused, I was vigilant.

I told a girlfriend, I’m a very committed person so no phone play when safety was a priority, leading me to monitor traffic for 3 whole hours. Like, closely monitor.

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