Women’s Bodies: Why Everyone Should Take A Chill Pill

It is everywhere!

The female body with its killer curves: Ads, posters, movies – so it kind of is no wonder that the female body is the crazy point of interest for boys, politics and other schemes. People think they have a right to it.

Religion sets some boundaries. Women use it to get attention – men lie through their teeth to get it and discard it.

Then Trump gets elected and despite all promises to benefit women, the admin eliminates all that helps women in lower socio eco levels. Not that what the U.S. says has any impact on the BIGGER world…

Sex. Seduction…. girls try to initiate the point of desire for many reasons, and badly parented guys get the idea that girls are to be used and discarded.

And then they tell us what to do with our bodies!
I get that it’s a huge point of controversy, what happens with contraceptives – what happens to families, to societies. What happens to women and “careers”.

My argument was, our bodies change so much before we even think of ourselves as sexual beings.
Then there are times that it occurs to me, as a woman I have next to no control over my body. You change through puberty, you change with age and even before you have sex, you change. Then don’t get me started on pregnancies. Holy cow. There’s a whole other section dedicated to medicine for the pregnant woman.

Some time ago, I had a very deep discussion with a girlfriend on how females have no control over their bodies – pre sex, pre baby, pre anything. She is one of the smartest, international and most outgoing girls I know, from south Germany. I said thanks to all these changes, its like our body isn’t ours at all. It changes so much before we even commit adult acts on it.

This thing is nothing to play with. And I realized that after having tonnes of make outs with my first guy.

But my point is we should reflect more on what actually has control over us. Doctors and contraceptives they recommend also play a part. For the sake of having sex without kids, women actually take drugs which could alter their systems. I would call this dangerous.

There is this thing called mother nature and I gotta say, I bow down to it.
Why is it that women’s bodies have become the object of so much craziness – lust, to evoke desire, the birth of life, the start of sin, the way to ignite a quick and cheap male audience; the object of loads of artistic admiration.
The object of fashion itself.

But when it comes to the actual control of giving birth or not giving birth, it’s a zoo of discussion, and worse when politics gets into it.

Rich men telling poorer women what to do with themselves, their babies and families. Total nonsense.

Science suddenly having the ‘answers’, giving freedom to women to do whatever they like without ‘consequence’. Who buys into that BS? Mother nature includes biology. It is amazing the range of options we now have as functioning human beings, medicine or no, healing or no, for alterations to all our states of mind and body.

But I believe it is like Rachel from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. stated: no uterus, no opinion.

In a righteous democracy, how can we possibly make the right choice when society thinks women’s bodies belong to men, religion or some other association?

Funniest thing is the other day I happened to sit next to a couple of Australian Egyptians who eagerly told me the lifestyle of Arab Muslims. Because thanks to the religion, everything will go backwards. Women are tied to the kitchens and the children and the men do whatever they want.

Just a pointer here: in contrast, how many western educated women go having 7 kids, especially when they get into a career? Just to commit to a guy is a huge challenge especially in your 20s – unless the guy knows what he wants, which is a rarity.

So some societies accept what womens bodies belong to. They accept that the kitchen dominates the females life, and her man – and the church. Many people still have that belief – many don’t really follow the mainstream belief of hooking up 360 degrees.

Contrary to popular opinion I never hooked up like crazy. But the revelation that my body is going to change and changing – pre baby, post baby, pre 20s, pre sex, pre guys- pre anything, led me to think – we need more education and understanding before we pop pills and alter any natural things on ourselves.

Our bodies are our own surely?

Granted, technology moves fast and innovations are on the horizon, which I applaud because this stuff can help many people. And mood swings are not healthy for anyone, side effects are also a rather gigantic trade off to accept: depression, loss of appetite and whatever else, that’s just going from one problem to another.

I felt this blog being on the tip of my tongue for a while but wasn’t sure which angle to play the topic – it is very controversial, but I am passionate on education playing a part and for people to respect women’s bodies for the biological mechanisms they are, that need to be respected. And huge thanks to magazines of substance (VOGUE for example) that point out issues, causes, the experts that see innovations and improvements to products on the horizon and the unnecessary crazy side effects that happen with people taking the wrong stuff.

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