How Do These Profiles Empower the Men and Heal the Women? An Instagram Story

I was just looking at a bunch of pics from an Instagram profile of Brianna Cope (@briannacope), a professional surfer – and it just occurred to me how much nature was singing in her profile. The waves, the sun kissed beach hair, the constant genuinely happy smile and a couple of her videos are dedicated to gratitude.

And I thought to myself, here is a girl who clearly enjoys her own life on her own from the pictures portrayed –

Now why can’t guys respect that, be in awe of that and just support that?
In my experience, they ram you with hit-ons, try to impress you with locations and words and food and drink and ultimately freak out when they see you have your own lifestyle and it may be bigger than theirs.

Guys ruled by fear, who are just boys that screw around – who can’t accept that girls have their own networks, their own hobbies and ambitions and just want companionship. Girls who know their stuff, constantly empowering themselves with knowledge and becoming better.

Forget about it.

I’m waiting on the guy that will prove me wrong because normally my conclusions are tragic and I want to know that I don’t know everything.

Painting actually makes me happy because I find out exactly what doesn’t fit my perception and needs to be challenged, perceptions to be moved, colours reconfigured – angles to really observe. I really like that.

Quite fortunately I found a couple of Instagram profiles dedicated to empowering men: encouraging gentleman-like behaviour and logic that can help them with women. And another male account that sends information to women and men, on red flags, logic and tips on how to score a relationship with a real person planning for the future.

Who are they? I found them randomly through links:

@jerrickjaxn ‘self love ambassador’
@psychwithsokz ‘psychwithSokz’
@the_fairy_godfather ‘the manslator’

Funny enough both got my attention through their in-your-face tips, videos and tone of voice.

All of them promote other accounts – very powerful – and seek to understand how they can support their followers. This gave me hope and proof that my observations could be validated. At least with one of those accounts, I have a connection going. This stuff is real.

I am constantly on the search for the best content, slamming a few friends with jokes in the process because that’s how I keep myself away from total boredom.

I call it the three whammy’s: I am in entertainment, writing and being in Communications. This means I get critical about the content I’m sponging in, whatever its form – ads, TV soap, theatre, press release, report, stories. And it’s a whammy because that means I can’t enjoy regular entertainment like other people… unless its Australian junk tv, which is not bad.

When I see stuff that’s dynamic, helpful, supportive and somehow adding to great content – these guys win!

1. They remind you not to settle for trash even if it is the only thing you see
2. They also tell you the flags to watch for in order to not waste your time
3. they encourage guys to seek the higher principles and follow them

— it’s basically f—ckboy antithesis. Although truthfully, I don’t like that label, I prefer player and womanizer – call me old fashioned.

The other half of the story: healing the women, teaches them how to aim, how to filter and what got me – how much our emotions are abused by guys who will not take the responsibility for toying with a woman’s body and feelings. Which would make them players. Manipulate, get their goal, move on.

Because getting some self esteem and acting like Spartacus would be a much harder deal.

There are key learnings from these profiles – whatever their definition of success, I see engaging content and start chatting. Forget about TV. These accounts are the new digital idols.

And better yet, I see and relate to people who give empowering content.

Picture: Instagram, @briannacope and @derrickjaxn

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