Do You Think Night Clubs Are Out-Dated?

This is why I’m not acting as an old fart at 27:

You know those old days when our parents would go out, dress up, get drunk, put music on full blast in their flat and buy cheap food and drink?

Yeah, not any more. Unless it’s a house party.

A lot of things are overpriced in some countries, the night club scene too sleazy and status oriented and pretentious; the older you get, the more tight-knit groups become. A lot of the night life seems to target older, more income-disposable ages. And the teenagers try too hard to look cool and grown up.

Me? I’m more of the type to have a deep discussion with good mates at the pub. My best times were when I knew a Spanish dude who had half the town on his network and went out consistently; my record is going out 4 nights in a row. Now that’s summer.

Lake-front bars with daily streams of people enjoying the sun, the greens and swimming while by night it would be booming with latinos, south European, eastern and british people. That’s going out. We had a lake and tons of beers, tons of parties. Salsa dancing and apero’s. Who wants to think when it’s summer?
Hence someone like me chooses to stay in, get comfortable, surround myself with things I like and drink as much as I like without having to worry about a 100 dollar bill the next day.

Clubs with electro, house, or crap music unless you go to an exclusive salsa party.
Too expensive for actual enjoyment: status seeking dolled up people go there with guys hoping to hit on and get lucky with a woman. This means the atmosphere may not be comfortable and people end up with groups of friends acting as fortresses in case some drunk sleaze comes to dance behind a girl.
This leads to me to the glorious part of 3am: drunk uncoordinated men on the floor.
The typical hip and happening bar has attractive bartenders, frivolous drinks, nice views or a nice set up and music that could be far too loud.

This isn’t the typical scene for a professional needing moral support and to chill out.
They want comfort, fresh air, like minded people to talk to. Real entertainment – like authentic music, singing, something to connect with. Something to rejoice.
People with intelligence look for places and people to morally support the tension that’s gained from a weeks’ worth of living and working – drugs, sex and rock’n’roll just gives distractions. What we REALLY want to know is how our work contributes to having meaning in our life.

What I do is sink into a world of my favourite vibes – happy, upbeat, sensual – relax with my drinks, write and chat to friends. I’m a creative person and if I’m not out, this is the next best thing for me: Wine: bring on the kiwi sauvignon blanc which cost 10 bucks for the bottle. 20 bucks to get drunk. Imagine that.

Movies: get stuck in your own little word, screaming abuse at the tv or chuckling and not have to worry about social perceptions.
Chips – glorious crunchy delicious snacks
Pjs – bed hour is near, which means getting comfortable is a priority.
Insta, whatsapp and facebook chat: sharing experiences or talking to friends about things you just saw. I miss that – tv which actually delivers.
Happy: you’re in your own little world.

Very common and this is why…. I’m not an old fart at 27 doing all this. Because the alternative is something like what I remember from event management.
No need to dress up for nothing. I’m not flashing boobs or wearing super tight or low dresses because I want to be seen as THE sex goddess and to be admired. For free drinks or whatever. I’m wearing comfortable loose pants with a crop top in a flattering colour I know I can pull off and red lipstick because I feel feminine.

And in PJs you just get comfortable, sit or lounge doing what you like best. Long top, short top; this depends on climate.
Favourite munchies without judgment – chips, pizza, ice cream, nuts, whatever satisfies.
You can be yourself: no making conversation with people just for social kicks, but to unapologetically connect.
You have similar friends with interests that can laugh and sympathize.
You can change entertainment without going anywhere: buttons on the remote control, not walking from pub to pub.

It’s not about getting old. It’s about getting enough experience to know between work – exercise – sleep etc, what’s actually worth your time and what delivers value. Consistently !

The best parties I’ve had, as I told one of the most charming men I’ve known (and no, it’s not JFK) XD … was in my room, with my music, wine, ruling the world from my phone and PC. Yes I’ve had times at pubs that were very therapeutic with or without a good scotch, and in clubs when Latin Pop came up. But that was in Switzerland! And most of the time you have no idea what’s going on and you’re trying not to be left behind. That “be cool” concept.

Photo credit: Mine, Sydney.

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