There’s A Major Difference Between A Party Community and A Party Nation

What’s the difference between Party Community and Party Nation?

Here’s a fairly global picture.

Think Oktoberfest and Carnivale Rio;
Australian New Years Eve Fireworks;

Swiss New Year fireworks ;
European Christmas markets and

Venetian Carnevale;
Basel Fasnacht and

Spanish Tomato Festival Tomatina
Chinese New Year

Salsa Festival in Zurich
and Mardi Gras

The difference between these – once you get your head around it – is how the events are supported by the local community. And by the government.
For instance, when Swiss Germans party, they go all out. Buses, Trains, food stalls, cars – clubs and pubs and car parking. There will be very audible noise.
It. Is. Jammed. But only for the amount of time that they will be partying. And in that amount of time you will see whole families come with friends – drinking and eating for as long as possible. It is socially accepted that you can act as silly as you want in that time.

I’m pretty sure it’s the same for all festivals in Europe, Africa, America and Latin America.

But what I refer to is a party community: a government that supports a party for a little region. This region is small but has a huge heritage and historically speaking, there’s a practical side to the festival. It will be for a week, one night or a month and you’ll be doing festive things – drink, eat, socialize not worry about getting around.

It seems as though the mountain people are the exclusive party people. That’s because their heritage is very strong to them. Self sufficient farmers and teachers and nurses who need an outlet for the fact that the mountains keep them away from another community 20 kms horizontally and vertically away. If another city is inaccessible to people, they develop their own ways of living. You multiply that over a few hundred years, that same mindset dictates that as a guy, even if a sheila caught your eye in the next community, you can’t dare to venture there. I’m not sure how the logic works but that’s what I was told. So there’s a super narrow understanding of socializing, customs and taking care of your own people. And that reflects in the traditions. It also reflects on how niche-y each region sees itself and proudly protects its customs.

A party nation in my mind, is one where you can get obliterated any night in the year and still make it home between 12 and 6am and still be respected by people overall. There will be buses and trains taking you at any hour; the pub will close much later, being “relaxed” and wanting a drink outside isn’t disapproved outside normal hours. If you’re in the right period of life, you might even have a wing man or woman coming over to the watering hole in a speck of a moment.

Spain comes to mind… Italy, Greece, France, UK, Australia, Eastern Europe without exceptions – Latin America etc.

Photo: 2015, end of Oktoberfest, Munich

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