What. Is. With. The Mainstream. And Making Fun. Of. Gays!?

Saw a post about the winter Olympics and how some ‘gay’ athlete won a medal while losing a coat and swearing on TV – how is that new? How is that original? Why is his homosexuality a big deal? How does it contribute as handicap to winning something I’m sure he has worked hard for?

In fact he worked hard for it and maintained his identity with having well-done eyebrows.

Our generation 20-30 is so used to diversity that we don’t blink an eye at things the older generation would not tolerate (or at least my folks wouldn’t tolerate) – from different skin colours to sexuality to lifestyle choices.

I know firsthand and have been aided first hand by a couple of lovely, experienced gay men – for my blog and a social project, and another for a photoshoot. They are incredible and I can tell you what stands out in my mind that heterosexual males (and females) lack like crazy:

Experienced individuals with courage to act as they are, no frills
Open minded which means they can talk to anyone on any subject, and the rapport skyrockets by the minute.
Passion for their work which empowers all who surrounds them and profits their line of business.
Acceptance of self which means you don’t feel like you need to behave differently around them

Empowered people are progressive people: they are intelligent and analytical, making amusing comments on societies that make no sense.
They communicate. They ask how you are, tell their plans, joke about what can’t be changed and move on with their job. I don’t know many people who can do this.

Major emotional IQ: this already sets them apart on many levels. Communicating, reading people and making suggestions makes them the new masters of the age.
They don’t feel awkward on any topics that heterosexual people somehow, think is taboo to cross – from intimate discussions of underwear, to hair styling, grooming, family issues and more. And I believe that is because they act authentic, always asking permission to do something.

There is pure comfort and fun.

You can call this a blasphemous article and that I’m going against my faith (a topic I asked grandma about before) but I believe many people could benefit from learning from these guys. The ironic part is that if I told these guys about the idea, they would blush and say it’s an honour.

They are super humble because their work is The People. I need a harem of these guys. We’ll have mojitos and salsa all day in my garden, discussing what’s real.

Picture: Adam Rippon, tweet report

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