Worried About The Machismo In Video Games?

Fast and furious7 : overly masculine. Not easy to follow.

Choreography is unreal and reminds me of video games.
Like the scenery in transformers changes so rapidly that I easily get dizzy trying to watch the stunts and robot bashes.

Now I get why. Ever watched a gamer play?
That right there is the reason we have movies catering to the desensitized, gaming male audience who gets the electronics. Because it looks similar to his playground: online gaming. And its global. And you can fight with anyone, do voice overs, and intensity of the games vary. Also, easy target for quick business profit.

Because going out is too expensive and annoying to organize (high effort, low reward). This is a way out, a distraction, for the boys. And some girls.

Back to the issue of machismo: the rock in fast 7. What the heck. How are guys supposed to live up to the image of a body building WW wrestling champion-actor?
I believe it’s an extreme. Health is a main concern. Whatever his role is, The Rock always comes out in his giant brown birthday suit.
– for the majority of the time, those who work out need to find a balance. Daily squats or protein shakes?

Second point: have you tried following the scene where The Rock Dwayne fights with some policeman – without taking ecstasy?

It’s crazy. And I had my fears confirmed: it was a movie scene that wasn’t following its brand.

It’s not about hard muscled policemen. The plot is based on street racing. At least the first movie established that. Paul walker with his green slip, being a gentleman trying out for vin diesels sister.
Full out machismo I am guessing is where many males feel inadequate through. They try follow the mainstream media image – either aggro and muscled or a nerdy awkward white boy who’s into tech.

It’s like me trying to act and look like one of the Victoria’s secret angels. I’m not gonna do that because I’m not one of the models with a team behind her putting a dynamic theme together. Yes, I have modelled and that’s exactly what it’s about.

The minute there is some extreme it suppresses who a guy actually is and comes out strange when he tries to express himself – You know, that bit where you actually love lavender flowers but feel insecure about giving the wrong impression, so you get a forced actor out of an awkward dude. And it’s funny trying to react to that because I can count at least a few guys who have done this, that didn’t feel they were in their own plate.

When a guy rejects the idea of what masculinity is for the mainstream – and I applaud those who do – he is free to be himself, protect and support those he cares about. Or at least aim to do so.

Some coaches admit lots of men think masculinity is muscle and sleeping around but that’s just a minor superficial point. It’s a mindset and a way of being. To date, one of the most masculine guys I know is my stepdad – despite mum’s occasional situational complaints – who is a stable presence, supportive and kind. He listens. He isn’t a jackass, insecure fellow. Never put anyone down publicly.
He communicates and tries to solve conflicts asap.

What I also admire is the point where he follows mums direction – and although household stuff is obvious to the traditionally raised man, I’m talking matters of kids, reproduction and house building. Stuff he never got inspired to get into until he met mum.

Machismo, video games and fight scenes with The Rock are just flights of fantasy (and maybe CGI) that don’t serve long term purpose.

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Picture: my own, at the pub

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